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How Business Mobile Plans Help Companies

With employees increasingly using mobile phones for business calls, emails, software verification and messaging, companies are more at risk. Business mobile plans help reduce cybersecurity risk by keeping all company data on a device that can be adequately secured to prevent data leaks. Decision-makers should also consider adding a business mobile plan to their operations to give their teams the tools needed to perform in a fast-paced environment.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Plans for Businesses?

When a company gives its staff access to a business mobile plan, it helps boost communication between employees, enhances security, and, in the end, increases productivity. But those are not the only positive results business operators might see; the biggest benefits of a business mobile plan include:

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Equipping staff with leading-edge devices and giving them access to all the apps and other critical tools they need helps boost collaboration, communication and efficiency for the entire workforce. It also helps ensure across-the-board compatibility, which is especially critical when in-the-field employees need to access cloud-based applications and files shared by the entire team.

Added Flexibility

Mobile plans for businesses give staff more flexibility with their time. As more people work from home, work schedules have broken out of the restrictions of a nine-to-five workday. A business mobile plan allows staff to both work on their own schedule and adapt to the schedules of clients and the rest of their team without being in the office.

Even more flexibility is offered through the choices in business mobile plans. FTC offers a variety of ways to customize business plans to best meet the company’s needs.

Increased Productivity

When a mobile device is connected to an in-office Wi-Fi network, it is important that the business has a robust internet connection. FTC Business offers Business Internet Plans that can deliver blazing-fast symmetrical speeds up to a Gig. And with faster speeds, workers can more quickly complete their daily tasks, achieving added efficiency and productivity.

Ready to deliver all of these advantages to your on-the-go employees with a leading-edge business mobile plan? FTC offers a full lineup of Business Wireless Plans that can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and a range of smartphones that can boost workforce mobility, connectivity and productivity. Visit to explore everything FTC has to offer. And to get local, expert IT help for your business in a number of tech-related areas, including Managed IT, Cybersecurity, and Hosted Services, visit FTC IT Solutions today.