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The Benefits of Faster Internet for Videoconferences

Whether at home or in the office, most Americans have experienced the frustration that can come with a slow internet connection during a video call. Frozen video feeds, heavily distorted words and active participants simply dropping off the call are just a few of the problems that can plague a Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Teams or Webex call when internet speeds are slow. Fiber internet for business not only solves these issues but also helps improve clarity, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance collaboration across the board. In today’s telecommuting business environment, the benefits of efficient video calls cannot be overstated.

How Does Faster Internet Improve Videoconferences?

A fast internet connection has many benefits, most notably an improvement in the quality and efficiency of videoconferencing software. Videoconferences supported by fiber internet:

Add Clarity

With faster internet speeds and more bandwidth, the lagging, slowdowns and shutdowns users encounter when making video calls with an insufficient internet connection become problems of the past. Videoconference communications become clearer, call participants understand each other better and they are less frustrated overall when the call is supported by fiber internet.

Increase Productivity

With faster internet speeds, participants spend less time on video calls asking “What was that?” and “Could you say that one more time, please?” Combined with a better understanding of what the videoconference participants are saying on the calls, this efficiency helps teams of workers boost their productivity levels.

Improve Collaboration

Because more people than ever are working from home, more collaboration now happens via videoconferences. To share documents and images that were once presented from a hard drive in a conference room, workers now need to upload large files to share on video calls. Faster internet speeds make it easier to send and download those files or share them via the cloud. In the end, the quality of remote collaboration among a business’s employees rises when the internet speeds do.

Promise Better Customer and Colleague Impressions

Videoconferences plagued by lagging, slowdowns and shutdowns do not project a professional image for a business. But when workers can meet with customers, remote colleagues and other professional associates more smoothly and reliably via a videoconference supported by high-speed internet, the business leaves a much better impression with participants.

Allow for HD Video Support

When video calls are conducted using slower internet speeds, the videoconferencing platform must reduce participants’ video-feed resolutions in order to avoid slowdowns and keep the meeting on track. But with high-speed internet, high-definition videoconferencing becomes much more feasible. And when a videoconference is conducted in HD, it provides sharper, clearer video feeds, supporting an enhanced meeting experience for all involved.

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