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How To Secure Business Internet

Proper internet security for a business requires multiple layers of features designed to protect all internet-connected devices associated with the business. While business owners might look to more obvious vulnerabilities like shared public WiFi or office computers, all digital touchpoints should be considered, including Point of Sale systems, websites and any other data collected from customers.

Small businesses are regularly targeted by cyber criminals simply because the attacks are so successful. But by deploying managed firewalls, hosting services and managed IT, small business owners can protect their assets and customers.

Why Are Small Businesses More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Small businesses have fewer resources to protect their assets against cyber attacks, making them vulnerable targets for criminals. One might think that bad actors would target only big businesses for the big payoff, but when cyber attacks can be automated, the low-hanging fruits of unprotected small businesses become lucrative. In fact, nearly 50% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses but only about 14% of small businesses are prepared to defend themselves against attacks.

How To Secure Business WiFi

Because most small businesses cannot dedicate resources internally to service shared internet, managed WiFi offers the best security for the company’s WiFi. With Managed WiFi, a business enjoys installation, 24/7 support and cloud-based access points that can support hundreds of users each. Whether the business needs coverage for a multi-floor office or a small coffee shop, managed WiFi gives them the service and protection they need, so they can focus on the core of their operation.

How To Protect an Online Business

Since most, if not all, business transactions occur through an online company’s website, they make an attractive target for cyber attacks. To properly protect an online business, owners should install and update all security software and patches for their website, install and manage firewalls and back up all data to a secure cloud. Online business owners who lack security expertise should consider managed IT services from an outside provider that keeps all security up to date.

How To Step Up Internet Security for a Business

In addition to using managed IT services and routinely backing up data to the cloud, a business can step up internet security by properly training all staff on internet threats like phishing and malware. Since staff internet and email usage presents one of the greatest vulnerabilities to business security, a properly trained staff will help ensure the best possible security against cyber attacks.

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