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How Fiber Internet Helps Businesses

Fiber internet keeps businesses on the leading edge of technology by offering the fastest download and upload speeds, along with the most reliable connection. As data demands grow and businesses handle larger files and more customer data, fiber internet exceeds current requirements while leaving room for businesses to expand their digital footprint.

Why Do Businesses Need Fiber Internet?

The advantages of a fiber connection are extensive for modern businesses. With fiber’s significantly higher bandwidths, businesses can improve efficiency, use newer technologies and stay connected with a remote workforce. But that is not all!

The Benefits of Fiber Internet for Businesses

  • Improved web conferencing
  • Faster file sharing, including large files like videos and big data sets
  • Increased audio quality for users of Voice Over IP services
  • Better internal and external collaboration
  • Seamless streaming of high-definition video

Additionally, fiber internet plans for businesses are often symmetrical, which means the upload and download speeds are the same. This can be particularly advantageous on the upload side, where businesses often need higher speeds for file-sharing purposes. Other distinct advantages a fiber connection can offer businesses include:

  • Reliability: Fiber internet is not as susceptible to inclement weather, which can affect or even stall data transmission in cable and DSL connections. Unless physically cut, fiber remains the most reliable form of communications connection today.
  • Cloud Access and Hosted Services: The speed, bandwidth, reliability and low-latency capabilities of fiber internet provide the best possible access to a business’s hosted services and cloud-based applications.

Is Fiber Internet Good for Businesses?

While cable internet can offer businesses gigabit speeds, only fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds, giving businesses the ability to upload large files as quickly as they can download them. Fiber internet is the best choice for businesses that need to upload lots of data to the cloud, like daily backups, security video or shared files.

Make the Switch to Fiber

Make the switch to blazing-fast fiber internet and give your business the speed and reliability it needs to operate in a fast-paced world. FTC’s fiber network continues to grow every day. Give us a call at 888-218-5050 to find out if gigabit internet is available in your area and learn more about the business benefits of fiber from FTC.