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OrecX: A Simple Solution to a Complicated Business Challenge

In the wake of a new rule that became effective on Oct. 1, customer/prospect communications just got a bit more challenging for anyone who makes marketing and/or enrollment calls for Medicare or Medicaid. But fortunately, a highly effective and easy-to-implement solution for compliance is at the ready.

CMS Final Rule 2023

The new rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is titled CMS Final Rule 2023. It applies to providers of health insurance and anyone else who markets Medicare or Medicaid plans, as well as to those who enroll beneficiaries in the plans, including Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plans.

Among the changes it brings, the new rule requires that all calls for any of the above-mentioned purposes be recorded and securely stored for 10 years. And, of course, since the calls’ subject matter can include private discussions of consumers’ sensitive health-related information, strict HIPAA regulations governing patients’ health-information privacy apply.

According to CMS Final Rule 2023, qualifying calls must be recorded whether they are placed via landline, mobile phone or videoconference. The interaction types that must be recorded and stored include:

  • Lead calling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Collection of drug and provider lists
  • Holding educational meetings
  • Conducting enrollments
  • Sales calls for a Medicare supplement in tandem with a prescription drug plan, as Part D discussion would be involved
  • Follow-up calls related to sales and enrollment completion

The OrecX solution

Especially with the start of the 2023 open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans just around the corner on Oct. 15, time is of the essence for impacted professionals to ensure compliance. Those affected by the new rule will need to secure a robust call-recording software solution quickly. And due to the nature of the conversations being recorded, ensuring complete HIPAA compliance for storage of the recordings is critical.

Thanks to OrecX call-recording software, a fully HIPAA-compliant solution available through FTC, reaching full compliance can be simple and fast. In addition to its documented HIPAA compliance, the OrecX solution is affordable, versatile and easily scalable, and its implementation and maintenance are simple for users.

To learn more about the OrecX solution available through FTC, visit and then click on Call Recording or call 800-671-0670.

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