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How Faster Internet Helps Businesses

Faster internet helps businesses by increasing productivity, improving cloud capabilities, allowing for better videoconferencing, enabling quicker data backups, supporting scalability and boosting profits. In a long list of 21st century workplaces, there are few tasks on the daily to-do list that are not aided in at least some way by a faster internet connection. From business-critical activities like communications, research and customer service to vital tasks like marketing, supply procurement and order fulfillment, along with plenty of key areas in between, productivity can take a major hit when the internet slows down.

How Does Internet Speed Affect Business?

As more devices are added to a network and the amount of data transmitted across that network grows, business internet connections can slow down. And with digital technologies like security systems, workers’ smartphones and even smart coffee machines being added to the workplace-connectivity mix over time, many networks are slowly getting spread thin.

Is Upgrading Business Internet Speed Worth It?

Businesses consistently find an investment in increased internet speed shows returns across the board. With benefits to productivity, security through routine data backups, communications and, of course, the bottom line, an increase in internet speed is often the one action businesses can take to improve a variety of operations.

Needless to say, when it comes to getting the job done efficiently in the modern workplace, it is imperative to maintain a strong internet signal. Consider these benefits of boosting internet speed and bandwidth in today’s digitally driven business environments:

Increases Productivity

From offices fully tied to the internet to storefronts with internet-connected Point of Sale (PoS) systems, many of today’s workplaces cannot operate without a fast and reliable internet connection. Slow internet speeds can lead to time-consuming lags and delays with critical tasks like online research, customer service, emails, client meetings and even payments. Alternatively, speedy internet allows workers to move from one task to another quickly and seamlessly, and even multitask with several internet applications running simultaneously without the lost productivity caused by slow speeds.

Boosts Profits

While faster internet speeds generally carry a higher price tag, the productivity gains mentioned above are typically well worth the added investment. In fact, the added efficiencies that come with faster internet speeds can lead to revenue gains that substantially outweigh the cost of a higher-tier business internet plan.

Significant savings on essential business services can be realized when a business has faster internet speeds. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services require internet, but they are often more affordable than typical landline voice service for a business, especially when the business requires large numbers of phone lines and added services. And as remote-work opportunities grow, businesses can enjoy significant cost savings since they need less office space.

Improves Cloud Capabilities

Rather than purchasing expensive software to perform important, work-related tasks, many businesses utilize software as a service (SaaS) applications. These internet-accessed applications allow enterprises to pay a much lower monthly fee to use software “in the cloud,” meaning it is being run on remote servers. And to run smoothly, these applications, which often facilitate vital business operations such as customer relationship management (CRM) and financial record-keeping, need a strong internet connection. Without these speedy connections, the performance of these cloud applications can lag, impacting the business’s level of service. But with faster internet connections, cloud software can run just as smoothly as if it were installed in-house and as an added benefit can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Allows for Better Videoconferencing

In many of today’s workplaces, remote collaboration has become an everyday occurrence. These common scenarios see workers in far-flung office locations, home offices and even working from the road join online videoconferences. In other cases, business representatives are participating in videoconferences with clients and prospective clients. And with a fast internet connection, communications during videoconferences are clearer, which leaves a better impression with potential and current customers via high-quality, lag-free audio and video.

Enables Faster Data Backup

To prevent data loss in the case of a natural disaster or one of the many cyber threats to businesses, offices back up their critical data to offsite servers. The amount of data businesses need to back up is constantly growing and a fast internet connection allows for quick and easy data backups throughout the workday. Faster internet can handle even the massive file sizes that often cause network congestion when the files are backed up remotely via a slower internet connection.

Reduces Interruptions and Lowers Stress Levels

The lags, buffering and other slowdowns often caused by a slow internet connection can be frustrating, especially in a business environment where important deadlines loom. But with an internet connection that is secure, fast and reliable, such stress-inducing slowdowns can be kept to a minimum, leading to a calmer and more confident work environment. And for the business, having fewer interruptions and, thus, a happier workforce is one highly effective way to avoid the mistakes that can result from a tension-filled work situation.

Supports Scalability

In larger business offices, substantial numbers of connected devices and users can quickly drain internet bandwidth with the high traffic leading to network slowdowns. But high-speed internet connections typically support such large numbers of users and devices seamlessly, enabling businesses to scale their numbers of employees, devices and internet-dependent tasks as needed.

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