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What FTC’s Managed IT Services Offer Local Companies

FTC offers managed IT services to keep services for its business customers running securely and smoothly. Network monitoring and device management can help a company of any size, even those with internal IT teams. Threat detection continues long after the admin goes home for the day. When important projects demand attention, staff can hand equipment issues or network configuration over to an experienced managed service provider (MSP) like FTC.

Any company operator who has yet to consider outsourcing network and security tasks using a managed IT service should read on to see what FTC can do for his or her business.

The Benefits of Managed IT

A rise in cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes has caused many companies to seek managed IT services for security updates, prevention and threat management. Contracting with an MSP allows companies to use their internal resources wisely without leaving gaps in technical support or security. Managed IT can provide companies with many benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: Businesses with a limited staffing budget do not need to allocate money to hire specialized IT talent.
  • Operational Efficiency: Businesses only need to partner with a single MSP to cover various IT needs — from device monitoring to firewall management and internet configuration — rather than fill several salaried positions.
  • Improved Prevention: MSPs are staffed by skilled experts trained in cyber threat intelligence who understand how to use local and national trends to predict and respond to potential attacks.
  • Services at Scale: Businesses can increase support from FTC’s managed IT services faster than onboarding temporary employees when additional monitoring, configuration or assistance is needed.
  • Local Support: Choosing FTC for managed IT services offers businesses enhanced customer service through personalized, in-person support.

Managed IT Services from FTC

Businesses that partner with a local provider like FTC can take advantage of remote and in-person services, from endpoint monitoring to Wi-Fi installation and configuration. The most common managed services FTC provides are network and device security, including firewall protection, remote monitoring and Wi-Fi management.

Business operators who need to improve their in-house capabilities can do so using these managed IT services from FTC:

Internet and Device Security

Firewall management is at the core of FTC’s internet security offerings. This is a necessity for any company that uses high-speed internet access and offers a first line of defense against cyber criminals. Managing a firewall requires dedicated support and costly hardware and software, which can put effective protection out of reach for some businesses. Using FTC IT Solutions for managed firewall services takes care of hardware and software needs and offers personnel the means to keep systems regularly updated and secure for a reasonable monthly fee.

Cybersecurity Protection

While a managed firewall offers foundational protection against online threats, a company might also want to consider using an MSP for cybersecurity services. Stopping common cybersecurity threats in the workplace requires ongoing monitoring, fast detection and safe work practices. The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) IT service offered by FTC features live cybersecurity monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate threats before a system is breached. The specialists are trained to respond to these attacks to mitigate damage and prevent costly downtime. FTC IT Solutions also offers cybersecurity awareness training to educate employees about common threats and how to recognize phishing attacks.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote monitoring tools allow a service provider to access and manage IT assets anywhere. Hiring an MSP dedicated to assessing system health and performance using Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tactics can help a company get a head start on stopping potential attacks. FTC’s remote management and monitoring service is best-in-class, supporting the IT infrastructure and enhancing security without tying up a company’s internal resources. Employees experience fewer interruptions when software updates are automated and remote troubleshooting prevents users from wasting time resolving issues.

Endpoint Device Management

When access to business data needs to be secure and controlled, companies should invest in endpoint device management. This service offers a strict zero-trust framework that locks the network and requires anyone trying to access resources to submit to additional verification. FTC IT Solutions personnel can remotely control the network to secure, manage and monitor any device, user or application to prevent system breaches and protect customer data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Whether it is a cyberattack, a natural disaster or an equipment malfunction, getting the business back up and running quickly is an organization’s top priority. With FTC’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) services, companies can regain lost data and restart operations faster with less incremental costs. Dealing with a ransomware attack and recovery or a hardware failure and corrupted data can be more than a typical IT team can handle. FTC’s professional recovery specialists understand these situations and the steps that need to be taken to move forward.

Wi-Fi Management

Using an MSP for Wi-Fi management can help ensure that the infrastructure is designed to offer the best connection speeds available and that security measures are in place to protect devices from cyber threats. FTC offers managed Wi-Fi on a monthly subscription that allows the MSP to monitor the network to troubleshoot and configure the setup remotely. Choosing FTC IT Solutions reduces the hassle for companies because its experts handle the network design, configuration and installation. The monthly subscription covers support and monitoring for any size business.

FTC’s managed IT services are available in a convenient, cost-effective bundle to help companies improve their security and system management with ease.