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Why Even the Smallest Businesses Should Get a Business Internet Plan

Enterprise-level internet for small businesses offers many benefits, from faster speeds to enhanced security and helpful features. A reliable business internet connection helps reduce downtime and increase productivity, making it a smart choice for a company with a limited number of staff and resources.

A solopreneur with an e-commerce site, a home-based company or a brick-and-mortar SME (small and mid-size enterprise) can improve company operations with quality internet designed to meet a business’ needs.

The Best Internet for a Small Business

The best small business internet is a fiber connection because this type of network offers the fastest bandwidth with fewer outages. Fiber can transport data 100 times faster than a traditional network, allowing small companies to get more done in less time.

What Internet Speeds Does a Small Business Need?

Calculating how many megabits per second a company needs depends on the business’ predominant tasks because, while email and web browsing require only 5 Mbps, seamless videoconferencing might take up to 25 Mbps. The best internet speed for a small business falls between 25 and 50 Mbps, but it is smart for a company to select one tier higher to make sure VoIP calls, teleconferences and virtual meetings are not interrupted due to inadequate bandwidth.

How Small Businesses Benefit From Internet Service

Small enterprises often have fewer employees to close deals, meet with clients or manage their website. Doing more with fewer resources is easier when work is not interrupted by slow internet speeds. Any company wanting to make the most of its production hours should consider business internet for its many benefits, including:

Security Features and Add-Ons

Spam blocking and virus protection are basic security features any good internet service provider should offer. While companies benefit from these protections, smaller law firms, dental offices or financial planners might prefer additional privacy measures. A company without a dedicated IT team can opt for enterprise-level cybersecurity services offered by the network provider.

Reliable Connections

Downtime costs small businesses dollars most cannot afford. Enterprise-level service offers availability assurances to businesses so employees and management can count on fewer internet outages and reduced lag. Opting for a static IP address for the business allows staff to send and receive data without interruption and the team can use a virtual private network (VPN) with ease. Business accounts might also take advantage of the internet provider’s web-hosting services. These offer multipoint connections to keep websites up and running even during peak traffic.

Enhanced Customer Service

Internet service providers that offer 24/7 technical support and managed Wi-Fi services are lifesavers for a small business with limited staff. Premium information technology services improve a business by supporting the company with troubleshooting and network configuration. Unlike expensive hardware repair or tech support contractors, an internet company’s support team can be secured for a monthly fee.

A company need not be a global conglomerate to benefit from business Wi-Fi. Even small businesses need internet service with a reliable connection and security features. A robust internet plan is only one of the many business services offers to help enterprises of any size run smoothly.