Frequently Asked Questions: Dial-Up


Usage can be found on the following month’s statement in which the toll free number was used.

If traveling anywhere in North America, you may use 888-391-4638 for $0.15 per minute.

If you use your computer from multiple locations to dial up to the Internet, you may want to create different Dial-Up connections for each location thereby using the correct local access number for that location.

If you choose to use Dial-Up service, you should dial the access number listed below that is local for you. Note that dialing one of the other numbers may be a long distance call for you. You would then be billed long distance charges by your local phone company and/or long distance carrier.
Andrews: 221-4638
Bishopville: 428-4638
Hemingway: 551-4638
Kingstree: 382-4638
Manning: 505-4638
Scranton: 210-4638
Sumter: 469-4638

To change your Dial-Up plan, contact Customer Service at 888-218-5050.

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