Frequently Asked Questions: Battery


In a hardwired alarm system the battery is found in the main control panel which is usually located in a closet. There will be a red wire and a black wire connected to the battery. Unplug both wires from the existing battery and plug them back into the new battery. Be sure to connect the red wire to the red terminal of the battery and the black wire to the black terminal of the battery.

Did you lose power before you received the call? If so, how long was the power out? In most cases the battery should maintain the system for 2-4 hours if a Lynx wireless system. If a Napco system, typically a battery will last 18-24 hours. If the power was out for a longer period of time, the battery should automatically recharge. If the battery does not recharge properly, you will be notified again in 24 hours. If you did not lose power or the power was off only a short period, the battery should be replaced.

We have no way of knowing what may be causing your battery to go down. For your safety we make you aware of this condition so you may take appropriate action. Low battery signals can be removed from your account but cannot be put on time schedules.

Battery life depends on the size of your system. In most cases a Lynx wireless system will stay active for 2-4 hours. On Napco systems, the battery may stay active for 18-24 hours. Additional batteries can be added if longer time is needed.

The batteries are designed to recharge after being drained. In the event the battery does not properly recharge, a message will be displayed on the keypad. In this case the battery will need to be replaced.

All of the batteries in your system can be changed. The batteries can be purchased at any of our stores or we can schedule a service call – charges may apply.

Yes. If your system is beeping it will be heard from the keypad and a code will be displayed. If nothing is being displayed, then beeping may be coming from another source within the house. A common source is battery powered smoke detectors that are not installed by the alarm company.

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