Internet Speed

All speeds come with 10 free email accounts

Internet Only

(per month)

Internet Rate When Bundled with Voice Line (VoIP) and Connections Discount (per month)*
4-15 Mbps$49.95$29.95
25 Mbps$54.95$34.95
50 Mbps$59.95$39.95
100 Mbps$69.95$49.95
500 Mbps$79.95$59.95
1 Gig$89.95$69.95

*Voice Line (VoIP) charge of $24.95/mo. is in addition to rates listed for internet package. Prices shown are residential rates. All services/speeds are not available in all areas. Listed speeds comply with FTC’s Open Internet Statement.

FTC’s Internet Plans Include:

  • Free modem and in-home Wi-Fi to simultaneously connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop and other wireless devices
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Email Spam Blocker / Virus Protection
  • 10 Mb of Web Space
  • Free Online Content
  • All Internet plans are eligible for FTC Connections


Connection Protection – $4.95 monthly

Damage to inside wiring can be expensive to repair. With Connection Protection from FTC, you can rest assured because your FTC Internet network wires and jacks are covered — along with the wires for your FTC Voice, Security and Digital TV services. That’s total protection from damage caused by pests, water and deterioration.

Free Internet Access for Students



FTC is offering 60 days of free internet service and free installation to any home within FTC’s service area that meets the following criteria:

  • The home is the primary residence of a student in kindergarten through high school, technical school, college or graduate school
  • The residence is that of a new internet customer
  • The home is located in FTC’s service area

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Premium Wi-Fi

Reliable, Powerful Coverage

With optimized internet, enjoy enhanced Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home. Connect over 100+ devices while still enjoying uninterrupted surfing, streaming and working.


Enable guest Wi-Fi network, Set Parental Controls, and Network Security protection from malware and viruses – all from the FTC WiFi App.


From installation to our 24/7 support, enjoy a stress-free experience fully managed by FTC.

Learn More About Premium Wi-Fi


Premium Wi-Fi
(Included With Internet)



Premium Wi-Fi Plus

GigaSpire Smart Home Router

  • Carrier-Class Wi-Fi 6 Technology
  • Router Lists All Devices on the Network
  • 6-Antenna Wi-Fi Array for Longer Range, Higher Efficiency and Less Interference
  • 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Dual-Band Support
  • Ability to Set Up a Separate Guest Wi-Fi
  • Additional Mesh Access Points ($4.95/mo.)
Basic Parental Controls

  • Set Up User Profiles
  • Enable and Disable Devices Within Profiles
  • Allows for Multiple Bedtime Schedules
ExperienceIQ Enhanced Parental Controls

  • Manage the Content and Hours of Use for Connected Devices
  • “Safe Search” Feature Activates Google and Bing Search Engine Filters Automatically
  • YouTube Restricted Mode Activates YouTube’s Filters Automatically
  • Application and Category Filters to Block Known VPN Services From Functioning
  • Ability to Set Up Profiles for Limiting Certain Content and Internet Access
  • Configurable Content Filters for Pornography, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs and more
  • Configurable Time Limits Per Profile
  • Usage Reporting By Day, Week and Month
ProtectIQ Network Security

  • Real-time Monitoring of Data Moving Through Your Home Network
  • Blocking of Any Malicious and Suspicious Activity
  • Malicious-website Protection (e.g. Malware, Worms, Etc.)
  • Anti-virus and Anti-ransomware Packet Inspection
  • Prevents Unknown Devices From Accessing Your Network
  • Security Alerts
  • Details on any Device(s) Targeted by Attacks

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Personal Firewall
  • Guaranteed Protection
  • Bloatware Removal Tool
  • Ransomware Scanning and Removal

  • 250 GB Cloud Storage
  • Easy File Backup
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Multiple Computer Access
  • Remote File Access
  • Backup
  • Reporting

  • Smart Logins
  • Multiple Computer Access
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Advanced Custom Options
  • Automated Backups
  • Form Fill Password Strength Indicator

  • 24/7/365 US-Based Live IT ProfessionalS
  • Old and New Device Installation and Configuration
  • Device Tune-ups
  • Setup, Support and Troubleshooting

*ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ Requires a GigaSpire


Premium Wi-Fi Deserves the Premium App.

Take control of your home with the FTC WiFi App

  • Set up

    In less than one minute set up your whole system

  • Connect

    The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices

  • Secure

    Get real-time updates on your network security


  • Protect

    Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease

  • Enable

    Create a guest network – connect your friends and family with a simple tap

  • Analyze

    Manage guest access and network speeds

FTC WiFi App Quick Start Guide FTC WiFi App Product Guide

Learn More About the FTC WiFi App

Setting Up Your Wi-Fi and FTC App

An Introduction to the Main Dashboard of the App

An Introduction to the Main Menu in Your App

How to Change Your Network Name and Password

Learn About Connected Devices in Your Network

Learn about the Settings Menu in the App

Performing a Bandwidth Test Using the App

Setting up a Guest Network

Setting up Basic Parental Controls

View Network Usage with the App

Wi-Fi Location diagram

Enhanced Parental Controls

You set the boundaries. We help you keep them.

With ExperienceIQ™, Parental Controls let you manage screen time, content, and access – all from the FTC WiFi App.

Requires a GigaSpire router.


Add content, app and website filtering to control access to specific online content.


Add time limits to safely enforce screen time limits within your home.


Monitor usage to understand where your children are spending time online.

Learn More About ExperienceIQ™

How to Add Filters to Enhanced Parental Control Profiles

How to Set Time Limits with ExperienceIQ

Learn About Notifications for ExperienceIQ

Learn How to Set Up ExperienceIQ

Learn How to View Usage with ExperienceIQ


You have locks on every door and window. But not your network?

As hackers and malware become increasingly more sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution.

ProtectIQ™ helps you keep a lock on your network – and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter.

Requires a GigaSpire router.


Protect ALL devices on your network. Every file that passes through your network is scanned, known viruses are blocked and destroyed before you encounter them.


Using our Intrusion Prevention System, we prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.


Malicious Websites – We analyze the data from thousands of malicious sites—phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware, and malware sites are blocked.

Learn More About ProtectIQ™

Premium Wi-Fi

You want security and organization. We make it easy.

With the Premium Wi-Fi suite of features including Secure IT, FileHopper, Password Genie and Device and PC Tune-up you can secure, share and backup your files, manage your passwords and receive technical support 24/7 for up to 4 devices.


Premium Wi-Fi Features

SecureIT is antivirus and Internet security software that protects your computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. With SecureIT, you get industry-leading, essential protection plus the convenience of hands-free updates to the software. SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats.

FileHopper online backup is the easiest way for you to securely store your files. It only takes one incident of a hard-drive crash or deletion of valuable files to see its value. With FileHopper, your files are backed up with 256-bit encryption, so you know you are safe.

Password Genie password manager, data protection and password security software is your digital wallet. Named by Mashable and Information Week as a top-10 password manager, it helps protect against identity and password theft. Password Genie is convenient to use and keeps your digital identity safe.

Device Support and PC Tune-up provides 27/7 technical support for up to 4 devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Fiber to the Home

Fiber Optics is the Future of Internet!

Fiber optics is today’s most-sought-after method for sending and receiving data. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) delivers this technology to residences, allowing for huge data bandwidths and the absolute fastest internet speeds. No matter what your usage requirements are both now and into the future, a direct fiber connection ensures that you will have the best experience possible.

FTC’s 5-Year Fiber Build Plan

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the future of data transport and FTC has embarked on an extensive five-year fiber build to increase the number of homes directly connected to the fiber network.

How does FTTH Work?

Fiber optics uses laser pulses to transmit billions of bits of data per second through strands of glass. These glass strands are so pure the light emitted by a burning candle can be viewed through them from 7 miles away! These laser pulses transport electronic data at up to 2.4 Gbps.  That’s more than 100 times faster than traditional, non-fiber methods. The laser pulses are converted to electronic signals via optical network terminals and distributed throughout the home as internet service, voice, digital TV, video surveillance, etc.

What are the Benefits Gigabit Internet?

Many people don’t realize just how many smart devices are using bandwidth in their homes. Devices like cell phones, gaming systems, smart televisions, smart appliances, video surveillance systems, computers, tablets and others rely on having enough bandwidth to function properly. With inadequate bandwidth, everything slows down — much like a congested highway. Our 1 Gig internet service is symmetrical which allows for 1 Gig downstream and 1 Gig upstream providing you with the absolute Best Internet Experience in the marketplace.

FTTH and Gigabit Internet Provide:

  • Zero buffering
  • Super-fast downloads and uploads
  • The ability to stream OTT TV service, movies and music on multiple devices at the same time
  • Low latency and ping speeds provide a superior online gaming experience with a competitive advantage
  • Improved reliability and less susceptible to inclement weather such as lightning
  • Easier to maintain remotely

25 songs in 1 second.

A TV show in less than 3 seconds.

A movie in 36 seconds.

Learn More About Fiber

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