Frequently Asked Questions: False Alarms


When your alarm system is triggered around 60 seconds of the sirens going off, our monitoring station will call your home/business first before calling local civil authorities. If it is a false alarm, answer the phone and give the proper password. If your civil authorities are dispatched to your location and false alarms become excessive, local civil authorities might charge you. Definition of excessive false alarms depends on your local civil authority. You will pay any false alarm fine, penalty or fee that is charged against you, and if a false alarm fine, penalty or fee is charged to us by any governmental agency, you will pay us for the charge.

Becoming familiar with proper arming and operation of your alarm system can reduce false alarms. Train everyone who uses your system. Testing your system on a regular basis; monthly or weekly is suggested. Be sure all devices are properly mounted and are clear of dust and cobwebs. In instances where a door or window contact is going into alarm it could be caused by the door not closing properly or by a weak door magnet that needs to be serviced.

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