Frequently Asked Questions: Phone Line


The alarm system cannot communicate with the Central Monitoring Station if the phone line is not available. A backup long range radio or cell backup can be installed for this purpose.

Systems can be upgraded to incorporate arming and disarming as well as home automation and video via a smart phone. Contact Customer Service at 888-218-5050.

In the event no telephone line is available, long range radio or cellular can be used to transmit alarm signals.

It is possible for your alarm system to affect your phone. A RJ31X jack is installed at each control panel. By unplugging this jack you will disconnect the alarm system from the phone system. If the phones begin to work, then the problem is in the alarm panel. If there is no change, then the problem is in the RJ31X jack or somewhere else in the phone system.

The alarm system is wired to take priority over all phones within the house. This prevents the system from being defeated when a phone is “off the hook” in the house.

No. Your alarm system is designed to seize your phone line in order to call the Central Monitoring Station. It will then release the line in order for the monitoring station to call for verification.

Alarm panels have the ability to answer incoming calls. The caller will hear a “Fax” like tone or the words “System – System”. This feature is activated by calling the residence and allowing the phone to ring one time, and then calling back to the same number. This feature is used by our download software to access your programming when changes are needed, or for your system to be controlled by you via a touch tone phone if available.

The overall reliability of the network connections used by some VoIP providers has not been proven to be as reliable as traditional, landline-based telephone service (Public Switched Telephone Network). Some VoIP services may be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled network outages. You may be familiar with such lapses in service based on your own experiences using the internet.

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