Frequently Asked Questions: Third Party Response


False alarms are a growing problem in the industry. We verify all alarms, so we can to help reduce false dispatch of responding agencies.

Once a signal is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station it is verified to the premise, if appropriate verification is not received, the police or fire are dispatched and the customer’s contact list is called. In the event of a Panic Alarm or Duress Alarm we dispatch the police department first then call the customer’s contact list.

We do leave messages on the customer’s contact list, but we do not leave messages at the premises number for anything other than trouble alarms.

Actual police response is at the mercy of the police department. The alarm history can be checked in the monitoring software to verify that an alarm occurred.

The alarm system cannot communicate with the Central Monitoring Station if the phone line is not available. A backup long range radio or cell backup can be installed for this purpose.

Police are dispatched first on Panic alarms.

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