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Businesses Offering Wi-Fi Can Increase Store Traffic, Sales and Customer Loyalty

Whether it’s a working lunch at a local restaurant, catching up on e-mails and Facebook at Starbucks, or streaming a movie for little ones while waiting at the doctor’s office, a strong Wi-Fi connection is a great offering for your customers.

Today, most customers expect businesses to have a working and accessible Wi-Fi connection. In fact, retailers and offices without Wi-Fi risk losing customers because they would rather go to a competitor that offers it.

Stores that provide Wi-Fi, whether free or paid, can increase their store traffic, sales and customer loyalty. Here’s how:

Providing an Extra Perk for Customers: Offering a go-to place for accessible Wi-Fi is a huge convenience for customers. It demonstrates that a business is willing to go the extra mile to provide a great in-store experience. Plus, offering free Internet for people who do not have access to it is a big selling point to get people in your store – most likely they’ll purchase something while they are there.

Keep Customers In Store Longer and Coming Back: Not only does an in-store Wi-Fi connection allow customers to conveniently hop online, it also keeps them in your business longer. Customers won’t be in such a big hurry to get back to their duties and responsibilities because they can check stuff off their lists while they are seated right there.

Collect Customer Data: When customers log on to your Wi-Fi connection, you’ll have the opportunity to collect information about them. Collecting e-mail addresses, names, demographics and even sentiment will help you understand your customers so you can learn from them and continue to improve your services. The data collected can also be used for promotions, special events, direct mail and advertising purposes.

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