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Notify Plus

The FTC Notify Plus service simplifies mass communications by automating calls, texts and/or emails — a great option for businesses, churches, sports teams, clubs, organizations and government agencies with regular group-communication needs.

Mass communication is a breeze with FTC Notify Plus

FTC Notify Plus is a new messaging service that makes calls, sends texts and/or emails to your contacts automatically.

Manage Notify Plus

Find access to the Quick Start Guide and User Login.

Simply load your message and the recipients information into FTC Notify Plus’ easy to use Web Portal for:

Meeting Reminders

Meeting reminders

Promotional offers

Promotional offers

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders

Important notices

Important notices

It’s ideal for businesses, churches, sports teams, clubs, organizations and government agencies. FTC Notify Plus is like having a 24/7 communications employee.

FTC Notify Plus Packages

(Example usage: Sports Team)
(Example usage: Churches)
(Example usage: School District)
Monthly charge$14.95$24.95$44.95
Maximum call notifications at one timeUp to 10Up to 24Up to 48
Maximum contacts (all lists combined)1001,0002,500
Allowed voice notifications per monthUnlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Allowed email messages per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

*Toll charges apply outside of S.C.

You can easily control your mass communication with the FTC Notify Plus app!

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Contact FTC to sign up today!