Business Internet Plans


Internet Speeds

All speeds come with 10 free email accounts

Internet Only

(per month)


Rate When Bundled

with Phone Line (VoIP) and Connections Discount (per month)*

4-15 Mbps $54.95 $34.95
25 Mbps $69.95 $49.95
50 Mbps $79.95 $59.95
100 Mbps (Copper Only) $99.95 $79.95
250 Mbps $99.95 $79.95
500 Mbps $129.95 $109.95
1 Gig $259.95 $239.95

Prices shown are business rates. All services/speeds are not available in all areas. Listed speeds comply with FTC’s Open Internet Statement. *Phone Line (VoIP) charge of $29.95/mo. is in addition to rates listed for internet package.

FTC’s Internet Plans Include:

  • Free modem and Wi-Fi to simultaneously connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop and other wireless devices
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Email Spam Blocker / Virus Protection
  • 15 Gig of Email Storage
  • 10 Mb of Web Space
  • Select Online Content from ESPN
  • All Internet plans are eligible for FTC Connections

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Connection Protection – $4.95 monthly

Damage to inside wiring can be expensive to repair. With Connection Protection from FTC, you can rest assured because your FTC Internet network wires and jacks are covered — along with the wires for your FTC Phone, Security and TV services. That’s total protection from damage caused by pests, water and deterioration.

Internet Promotions

Fiber to Business

Fiber Optics is the Future of Internet!!

Fiber optics is today’s most sought-after method for sending and receiving data. Fiber to business delivers this technology to businesses, allowing for huge data bandwidths and the absolute fastest internet speeds.  No matter what your usage requirements are both now and into the future, a direct fiber connection ensures that you will have the best experience possible.   Fiber to business is the future of data transport and the Cooperative has embarked on an extensive five year fiber build in the FTC service area to increase the number of businesses directly connected to the fiber network.

FTC’s Fiber Build Plan

Currently, FTC has fiber available to 65% of the business and residential address points in the Cooperative footprint with 934 more miles under construction or in the staking phase. Since the company launched its fiber project in 2019, 1,263 miles of fiber have been completed.

For the year, FTC is on track to add more than 450 miles of network and could possibly reach 500 miles. Last year, 400 miles were completed.

See the map below showing the fiber build details.

How does Fiber to Business work?

Fiber optics uses laser pulses to transmit billions of bits of data per second through strands of glass. These glass strands are so pure the light emitted by a burning candle can be viewed through them from 7 miles away! These laser pulses transport electronic data at up to 2.4 Gbps. That’s more than 100 times faster than traditional, non-fiber methods. The laser pulses are converted to electronic signals via optical network terminals and distributed throughout the home as internet service, voice, digital TV, video surveillance, etc.

What are the benefits of Gigabit internet?

Many people don’t realize just how many smart devices are using bandwidth in their business. Devices like pc’s, laptops, tablets, cell phones, video surveillance systems, smart televisions, and others rely on having enough bandwidth to function properly. With inadequate bandwidth, everything slows down — much like a congested highway.   Our 1 Gig internet service is  symmetrical which allows for 1 Gig downstream and 1 Gig upstream providing you with the absolute Best Internet Experience in the marketplace.

FTB and Gigabit internet provide:

  • Zero buffering
  • Super-fast downloads and uploads
  • Ability to stream content for video conferencing and webinars
  • Improved reliability and less susceptibility to inclement weather such as lightning
  • Easier to maintain remotely

Is Fiber Available at Your Address?

Use the FTC look-up tool to see the maximum speed that you can get at your address.

For information on pricing and to find the plan perfect for you click here.

FTC Area Address Existing Construction Planning

FTC Service Area
       Under Construction

FTC Service Area
Address Point 
        Existing Fiber
       Fiber Under Construction
       Fiber Planning     

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Managed Wi-Fi


FTC now offers Business Managed Wi-Fi!


Improve your Internet experience.

The high-performing router offers fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your office, as well as the ability to remotely troubleshoot connection issues, identify bandwidth limitations and offer faster connection speeds.

FTC Managed Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) provides private Wireless access for employees as well as a public Wi-Fi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. Managed Wi-Fi fits all types of Wireless LAN (WLAN) needs, whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.

Deploy a Secure Wireless LAN Affordably and Without Hassle

We handle network design, configuration, installation, monitoring, management and support. The predictable monthly subscription model avoids costly capex and opex for equipment, training, technology upgrades and dedicated resources.

The Most Advanced Wireless Access Points

FTC provides enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless access points that feature advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies and support hundreds of users each.

Design, Configuration and Installation

FTC designs, configures, installs and implements your wireless network.

Description Monthly Installation
Access Point Monthly $9.95 $49.95 –
Additional Access Point $4.95 $49.95 –
Wireless Bridge Monthly $9.95 $49.951
Wi-Fi Guest Services Monthly $4.00 $149.952

1. Does not include wiring if needed. 2. Must have Managed Security.


Managed Firewall Services

Higher-capacity broadband demands high-speed protection. FTC’s Managed Security firewall service lets your business take full advantage of high-speed broadband, without compromising the highly effective protection needed to stop cyberattacks.

A properly configured firewall can provide protection from unwanted intrusion and network attacks. FTC’s Managed Security Solution is there to aid with your security policies, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of your firewall so that it remains secure even as your company changes.

FTC’s Managed Security is provided with Dell SonicWALL firewalls that use patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® to examine traffic simultaneously across all ports without introducing latency to the network, enabling businesses to realize increased productivity gains.

Our Managed Services Include:

  • Secure Policy Creation
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Alert Response
  • Security Tuning
  • Maintenance Updates Support


To protect customers against the increasing dangers of zero-day threats, SonicWALL Capture Advance Threat Protection Service – a cloud-based service available as an add-on to our managed security – detects and can block advanced threats at the gateway until it either passes or fails inspection. This service is the only advanced-threat-detection offering that combines multi-layer sandboxing, including full system emulation and virtualization techniques, to analyze suspicious code behavior.

Internet Security Monthly Installation
Less than 25 users
w/ FTC Internet
$39.95 $349.95
26-50 users
w/ FTC Internet
$69.95 $449.95
51-100 users
w/ FTC Internet
$189.95 $849.95
101-200 users
w/ FTC Internet
$429.95 $1,999.95
Capture 26-50 users $29.95 $99.95
Capture 51-100 users $49.95 $99.95
Capture 101-200 users $89.95 $99.95

Hosted Antivirus & Spyware

Hosted Antivirus & Spyware Monthly Installation
10 users $44.95 $99.95
25 users $104.95 $199.95
50 users $214.95 $299.95


Ethernet and DS1

Dedicated Internet Price/Month
1 Mbps Internet Access* $2
20 Mbps Transport $223
100 Mbps Transport $283
250 Mbps Transport $643
500 Mbps Transport $1,068
1 Gig Transport $1,568

Contract Discounts Available for Dedicated Internet Plans.
Includes Static IP Addresses.

*Sold in 1 Mbps increments up to transport capacity.

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Communicate Between LANs

Switched Ethernet Service allows you to communicate between LANs. Using Switched Ethernet Service, users at one site can quickly access information and online services located at another site. By choosing Switched Ethernet Service over other alternatives, you can save time and money.


  • No Rigid Bandwidth Limitations
  • Significant CPE Cost Savings
  • Easy-to-use, “Plug-and-Play” Technology


  • 10/100/1000 Mbps options available
  • Ethernet is ubiquitous to the customer’s LAN
  • Private-line access, not a shared broadband service.

To Order

  • Please contact us at 800-671-0669

Web and Data Services

Static IP Rates

FTC can provide a fixed public address for your home or office.

Description Monthly Rate
Single IP Address $20
2-Node IP Addresses $25
6-Node IP Addresses $40
14-Node IP Addresses $55


Computing options for every workload on FTC Hosted Servers

FTC offers business-hosting solutions so you can rest assured knowing that your business sites and applications are up and running.

FTC’s Hosted Servers allows your business to tap into a diverse range of virtual machines able to accommodate every workload. Learn how you can use various purchasing options to reduce your costs and gain confidence in the reliability, security and compliance capabilities that FTC offers.

Keep your budget in check with low-cost, easy entry virtual machines.  You only pay for the computing power you need by scaling from one to hundreds of VM instances.

Protect sensitive data and block malicious threats with our secure network built with SonicWall firewall managed services.

Choose Linux or Windows. We make it easy and affordable for you to move to the cloud.

Why Use FTC Hosting?

  • Daily backups to include server restore
  • Off-site data storage
  • Geo-Redundant servers
  • Hardware resiliency w/ generator backup  
  • Webroot AV
  • Monitoring
  • Server admin (OS upgrades & patches)

Web Hosting Services

Set up shop on the World Wide Web with FTC Internet’s Web-hosting service. With FTC’s 99.99% availability, potential customers from around the world can shop your online store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multi-point connection design and server position also ensure that it’s business as usual during heavy and peak traffic periods.

Services and enhancements include:

  • Matching Web and email addresses
  • Detailed reporting
  • HTML script support
Storage Space Email Accounts Monthly Rate
1 GB 15 $15
2 GB 25 $25
Unlimited 50 $50

$35 setup fee on all Web hosting packages


Domain Registration

FTC will register and renew your domain in one, two or three-year increments.

Term Monthly Rate
1-Year Domain Registration $31.95
2-Year Domain Registration $61.95
3-Year Domain Registration $91.95


Request a DNS change

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Business Hosting: For Small to Enterprise Businesses

FTC has partnered with Codero, a world-renowned managed, dedicated and cloud hosting company to bring you cloud, dedicated, and managed business hosting solutions. This global hosting platform is powered by the expert team at Codero, so you can rest assured knowing that your business sites and applications are up and running.

Are you hosting your business site, business applications or customer database on servers in your office? Are you using a shared hosting provider? Don’t risk downtime or data loss from a hardware crash!

Move your applications and websites to the Codero hosting platform, built specifically for your business. Codero’s managed, dedicated and cloud hosting delivers the control and performance your applications need, as well as the service you rely on, to keep your business running.

Dedicated Hosting – Starting at $80/month

Bare metal dedicated hosting is designed to handle demanding workloads that require high performance, security, and compliance.

Why Use Dedicated Hosting?

– Resources dedicated solely to you
– Great for high traffic and e-commerce websites
– Security to protect sensitive customer data
– Ideal for business and back-office applications
– Supported by hosting experts available 24/7/365

Learn more

Cloud Hosting – Starting at $5/month

When you need flexibility and the ability to start small and grow, cloud hosting gives you the power to scale up OR down, on-demand.

Why Use Cloud Hosting?

– Perfect for small or big websites in need
– Testing environment for applications
– East to use control panels for site management
– High performance SSD drives
– More affordable than all other cloud vendors

Learn more


Speed Calculator

How much internet speed do I need?

In the past, the internet was primarily used to download content, emails & browse websites. But now more than ever, internet requirements have changed. Interactive tasks like video calls and webinars require higher upload speeds. How much is enough?

No two businesses are the same, so it’s important for you to consider how you use the internet on a day-to-day basis. This will help you pick the package with both download and upload internet speeds that will provide the best experience. After all, there’s nothing worse than your screen freezing when you’re on an important video call.

Recommended Plan:

Please make a selection!

4 Mbps / 1 Mbps

This speed works well for basic email, web browsing, music streaming and standard definition video (SD) on a limited number of devices.

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

15 Mbps / 1 Mbps

Do you have a number of teens or young adults in the house? If so, this speed might be for you. This tier is quickly becoming the new normal — sort of like going 65 mph on the highway!

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

25 Mbps / 2 Mbps

In your household, it may be common for someone to stream music while another scrolls through social media while watching Netflix. Sound familiar? If so, this is the right speed for you.

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

50 Mbps / 5 Mbps

Do you have multiple devices connected to the Internet at once? When everyone is online at once, this quicker speed will help prevent Internet traffic jams.

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

100 Mbps/10 Mbps

More people in the household means more devices — gaming, streaming, uploading, scrolling and more — and that requires more speed. Get this fast speed for the best price!

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

Gig / Gig

Our fastest Internet plan! Experience blazing fast speeds for all of your streaming needs!

Subject to availability. FTC Broadband Internet is a "best efforts" service; actual speeds may vary.

Surfing the web

Google, Yahoo, etc.

Streaming SD video

Netflix, Disney, YouTube

Streaming HD video

Netflix, Disney, YouTube

Connected devices

Surveillance cameras, Video Doorbell, etc.

Streaming music

Spotify, Sirius, etc.

Video Calls

Zoom, Skype, etc.

Large File Transfers

Dropbox, Box etc.

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