Managed IT

The core focus for this service is to provide a single point of contact for all your IT needs.

Information is One of Your Biggest Assets

You need a technology partner that understands your business success relies on technology solutions that make your users more productive. Whatever your business, we can help by making technology work for you.

  • Does your office depend on your computers?
  • Does your office productivity suffer when you have a computer problem?
  • Are your computers running slow due to spyware, malware, and viruses?
  • Do you have a current and reliable backup of all your data?
  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? What would you do if your computer was stolen or damaged by fire?
  • Is your anti-virus or spyware protection up to date and doing its job?
  • Are your computer savvy employees distracted from their real job to answer computer questions?
  • Does your network or Internet connection seem slow?
  • When you have a technology problem, how much does down time cost?

We Support Your Business

FTC IT Solutions can provide your business with a full-service IT function for a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff. We offer a wide range of services to keep your systems up and running.

  • Hosted, managed, and installed platforms – Voice (Hosted PBX), Servers, PCs, Wi-Fi, and Firewall.
  • Hardware sales, installation, and repair – On-site setup for home or office. Includes system installation, updates, and connections.
  • Data recovery and transfer – Stores and transfers information to new system.
  • Virus and spyware removal – Keep data safe and devices and systems tuned to peak performance levels.
  • Network installation – Connects computers to share information, printers, and internet.
  • Remote support – Trained service technicians using secure remote access over the internet to solve problems or help with software issues.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – Local and offsite data storage.
  • Email solutions – Provides Microsoft Exchange email with filtering for spam, virus, and phishing.

FTC IT Solutions is an authorized IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft and Cisco dealer and our technical staff currently holds certifications from all.


Managed Firewall Services

Higher-capacity broadband demands high-speed protection. FTC’s Managed Security firewall service lets your business take full advantage of high-speed broadband, without compromising the highly effective protection needed to stop cyberattacks.

A properly configured firewall can provide protection from unwanted intrusion and network attacks. FTC’s Managed Security Solution is there to aid with your security policies, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of your firewall so that it remains secure even as your company changes.

FTC’s Managed Security is provided with Dell SonicWALL firewalls that use patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® to examine traffic simultaneously across all ports without introducing latency to the network, enabling businesses to realize increased productivity gains.

Our Managed Services Include:

  • Secure Policy Creation
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Alert Response
  • Security Tuning
  • Maintenance Updates Support


To protect customers against the increasing dangers of zero-day threats, SonicWALL Capture Advance Threat Protection Service – a cloud-based service available as an add-on to our managed security – detects and can block advanced threats at the gateway until it either passes or fails inspection. This service is the only advanced-threat-detection offering that combines multi-layer sandboxing, including full system emulation and virtualization techniques, to analyze suspicious code behavior.

Internet Security Monthly Installation
Less than 25 users
w/ FTC Internet
$39.95 $349.95
26-50 users
w/ FTC Internet
$69.95 $449.95
51-100 users
w/ FTC Internet
$189.95 $849.95
101-200 users
w/ FTC Internet
$429.95 $1,999.95
Capture 26-50 users $29.95 $99.95
Capture 51-100 users $49.95 $99.95
Capture 101-200 users $89.95 $99.95

Hosted Antivirus & Spyware

Hosted Antivirus & Spyware Monthly Installation
10 users $44.95 $99.95
25 users $104.95 $199.95
50 users $214.95 $299.95

Hosted Services


FTC now offers Business Managed Wi-Fi!

Improve your Internet experience.

The high-performing router offers fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your office, as well as the ability to remotely troubleshoot connection issues, identify bandwidth limitations and offer faster connection speeds.

FTC Managed Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) provides private Wireless access for employees as well as a public  Wi-Fi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. Managed Wi-Fi fits all types of Wireless LAN (WLAN) needs, whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.

Deploy a Secure Wireless LAN Affordably and Without Hassle

We handle network design, configuration, installation, monitoring, management and support. The predictable monthly subscription model avoids costly capex and opex for equipment, training, technology upgrades and dedicated resources.

The Most Advanced Wireless Access Points

FTC provides enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless access points that feature advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies and support hundreds of users each.

Design, Configuration and Installation

FTC designs, configures, installs and implements your wireless network.

Description Monthly Installation
Access Point Monthly $9.95 $49.95 –
Additional Access Point $4.95 $49.95 –
Wireless Bridge Monthly $9.95 $49.951
Wi-Fi Guest Services Monthly $4.00 $149.952

1. Does not include wiring if needed. 2. Must have Managed Security.

Hardware Sales

Our experts will help you get the most of your technology. We can set up your products, help you use them, and diagnose any issues.

  • Computer Sales, IT Services
  • Network Design
  • Service on all major brands
  • Onsite Installation
  • Customer support & service
  • Virus / Spyware / Malware
  • Hardware/Software Installation
  • Local Support/Remote Access
  • 24/7 Availability


A point-of-sale (POS) system can give you a new level of control over your operations, helping you increase efficiency, boost profits, and fine-tune inventory management. FTC IT Solutions will continue to focus on the restaurant and retail variants of the POS.

Restaurant POS

Is tailored to greatly reduce the amount of time your staff spends in the kitchen and speeds up the order process. The efficiency gains can be impressive. If a restaurant with 20 tables and an average check of $45 can increase turnover by one party per table, that is an extra $900 on a busy night. Additional savings come from reduced shrinkage: servers can’t provide complimentary food to friends without entering them in the system.

In addition to the direct cost savings, restaurant POS systems offer detailed reports that can help you make more informed business decisions. Sales reports help you better predict volume and schedule employees appropriately. Inventory reports help you order the right ingredients week after week, cutting down on wastage. And order reports let you see which items are most popular, which items generate the most profit, and which items you should probably drop from your menu.

Retail POS

Geared towards maintaining a competitive edge and increased profitability, independent merchants need a point-of-sale and retail management tools to serve customers effectively, maintain tight control over business processes and keep pace with competitor.

RMS – Store Operations

Retail management System Store Operations allows you to better track and expedite point-of-sale and business process.

  • Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier management, and point-of-sale processes.
  • Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transfers at the point-of-sale.
  • Make informed decisions with accurate data and powerful reporting.
  • Expand easily to multi-store operations.
  • Reduce point-of-sale system and operating costs.
  • Can be customized to integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains Financials, and other financial applications.

RMS – Headquarters

Retail management System Headquarters helps you grow and manage your small chain from the head office or the main store.

  • “Poll” detailed sales and inventory data from multiple Store Operations installations.
  • Manage prices, purchasing, and inventory – chain-wide, by region or store.
  • Set and monitor policies and procedures for each store.
  • Expand easily to multi-store operations
  • Reduce point-of-sale system and operating costs.
  • Can be customized to integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains Financials, and other financial applications.

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