Business Security and Monitoring

Did you know that, according to statistics, burglars choose to target an unprotected business 4.5 times as often as a protected one? With FTC Business Security and Monitoring, you can avoid becoming a statistic and gain some peace of mind by protecting your business and valuables from intruders 24/7, whether you’re at work or away. Protect your business with one of the following packages:


Wireless/Wired Package

$199.95 down / $29.95 monthly

This package includes:

  • Control Panel
  • Keypad
  • Siren
  • Wireless Remote with Panic Button 
  • Motion Detector 
  • 2 Wireless Sensors 
  • 24/7 Monitoring 
  • Battery Backup         
  • Yard Sign / Window Stickers 
  • Alarm Certificate for Homeowner’s Discounts 

Customized Package

$20 monthly or $220 annually

System price based on equipment design.

Connection Protection – $4.95 monthly

Damage to inside wiring can be expensive to repair. With Connection Protection from FTC, you can rest assured because your FTC Internet network wires and jacks are covered — along with the wires for your FTC Voice, Security and Digital TV services. That’s total protection from damage caused by pests, water and deterioration.

Control panels

Honeywell Vista 15

Honeywell Vista 21IP

Security keypads

Honeywell TUXWIFIW

Honeywell TUXWIFIS

Motion detectors

Honeywell 5800PIR

Honeywell IS3035

Door & window sensors

Honeywell 5816WH

Honeywell 944

Honeywell 945

Glass break sensors

Honeywell 5853

Interior siren


Armored outdoor siren


Key fob with panic button

Honeywell 5834-4

Video Surveillance

Remote Access and Remote Video Access*
Remote Access: $10 monthly
Remote Video Access: $10 monthly
Remote Access and Remove Video Access: $18 monthly

With FTC remote access services, you can stay connected and in control of your business whenever you want, wherever you are.

Remote Video Access Includes:

  • Ability to view live video from up to eight cameras on your smartphone or other internet-connected device
  • 7-day video storage or 350 30-second clips stored

Get peace of mind knowing your business is safe, sound and secure.

*Available with compatible security systems.


Uniview Tec IPV436

Uniview Tec IPT436


Video doorbell camera

SkyBell (Honeywell DBCAM-TRIM)

SkyBell (Honeywell DBCAM-TRIMBR)

Fire Safety


Fire-Lite MS-5UD-3

Fire-Lite MS-10UD-7

Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS

Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS

Smoke Detectors

Fire-Lite SD355

Fire-Lite D355PL

Reprogram/Panel Swap

Reprogram with Monitoring
$80 down / $20 monthly or $220 annually

Already have a security system? In many instances, FTC Security can reprogram equipment that you already have installed in your office. In the event your equipment cannot be reprogrammed, we also have a Panel Swap option.

Panel Swap with Monitoring*
$99 down / $20 monthly or $220 annually

If your existing system can’t be reprogrammed, FTC Security, in most cases, can change out the panel and keypad only. Panel Swap provides a cost-effective way to utilize monitoring from FTC Security.

*Available with compatible security systems.

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