Honeywell 944

The Honeywell 944TSP is a recessed contact that can be used to protect doors and windows. The 944TSP is similar to the Honeywell 944T and Honeywell 944TRE recessed contacts. However, the 944TSP has a 3/4” diameter contact, while the 944T and 944TRE have a 3/8” diameter contact. As a member of Honeywell’s exclusive Staggered “T” Series recessed contacts, the 944TSP also has staggered terminal screws to make your installation as easy as possible. While the recessed contact requires a 3/4” diameter hole, the corresponding magnet only needs a 3/8” diameter hole. You can order the Honeywell recessed contact in white or brown. The white recessed contact is part number 944TSP-WH and the brown contact is part number 944TSP-BR.

The 944TSP recessed contact utilizes a Form A, SPST, normally closed internal reed switch that can be wired to any wired alarm control panel. The contact has a rating of 100mA at 24VDC and is closed when in close proximity to its magnet. If the magnet moves farther than 3/4” away from the contact, the contact opens and triggers an alarm back to the alarm control panel. You can use the Honeywell recessed contact to protect any opening, not just doors and windows. As long as the opening is shut, the contact is close to the magnet and the contact loop is happy.

To install your Honeywell 944TSP recessed contact, you will need to drill (2) holes. The magnet requires a hole with a 3/8” diameter in the door or window to be protected. Simply press the magnet into the hole to secure it in place. Next, drill a hole with a diameter of 3/4” into the door or window frame. Route your zone wiring from an open zone on your alarm control panel to the contact’s hole. Connect the (2) conductor alarm wire to the staggered terminal screws and then press the 944TSP contact into the hole. Make sure to use solid or stranded alarm wire that has a gauge of 24-18 AWG. When you shut the door or window, the contact must be properly aligned to the magnet. You should mark your drill holes before making your holes to ensure your recessed contact will be close enough to the magnet to close the contact loop.


3/8″ Magnetic Contact with Screw Terminals

  • 3/8″ diameter press fit design
  • Screw terminals eliminates wire splicing and soldering
  • Standard gap: 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Staggered T Terminals ensure a secure electrical connection



Switch Type: Form A (SPST) Reed
Contact Rating: 100ma @ 28VDC