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Honeywell IS3035

Designed with the installer in mind, these high performance small form factor motion detectors offer a trouble-free, out of the box experience to simplify the install process and reduce install time. Leading edge sensing technologies and a wide range of models to suit the requirements of most applications, Honeywell’s family of IS3000 and DT8000 motion detectors will maximize intruder detection while diminishing false alarms.


  • Sleek, Sturdy Housing
  • Sealed Optics and Electronics
  • Integrated Screw Retention Features
  • Unirom Sensitivity Optics
  • Wall-to-Wall Coverage
  • Advanced DualCore Signal Processing (DUAL TEC)
  • Superior Detection and False Alarm Immunity
  • Pet-friendly Selectivity
    Installers can turn pet immunity on or off with the flip of a DIP switch. When pet immunity is enabled, the detector can distinguish between signals caused by humans and signals caused by pets up to 100lbs.
  • Selectable Look Down
  • PIR White Light Immunity
    A patented black bug guard reduces false alarms by providing 6,500 lux of white light immunity. This helps reduce false alarm problems caused by lights, flashlights or reflective objects.
  • Flexible Mountings