Web Space Directions

Moving files to the web server

Your web page – all of the HTML files, as well as any graphics or other related files – must be moved to the web server. The easiest way to do this is with FTP software (such as WS_FTP, CuteFTP, Fetch, etc.).

Using FTP, connect to ftp.ftc-i.net but not via an anonymous login. Enter the username and password you are currently using for your own account. When FTP makes the connection to the web server, you will be placed in your top-level directory.

Copy all relevant files from your system to this space. (This would include all of your HTML files, as well as any graphics or other files that are referenced within those HTML files.) Be sure to copy all HTML files in ASCII mode! You can now access these files across the Net using any WWW browser.

Accessing your files

The URL for your new files is:

Where is your username and filename.html is the name of any HTML file you wish to access. Note that if your “home page” file is named index.html, you do not need to specify the filename; you may simply open the following URL: