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Month January 2024

The Importance of Fire Protection

Fire Security for Businesses header image

Every workplace needs fire protection to avoid catastrophic financial losses and keep workers and customers safe. Some high-level fire safety procedures for a business include activating the nearest fire alarm, exiting the building and notifying the appropriate authorities. This process…

10 Ways the Internet Improves Lives

How the Internet Improves Lives Header Image

Technology offers numerous benefits that improve people’s daily lives, including cost savings, convenient automation and enhanced security. The new era of Internet of Things, or IoT, devices and intuitive technology has given everyone opportunities to live the good life, where…

Using Wireless Service While Cruising or Traveling Abroad

Wireless Plans for Cruises Header

Travelers who select a mobile plan designed for a cruise or international getaway are headed toward a worry-free vacation. Arriving in a faraway land, speaking a foreign language and using an unfamiliar currency are taxing enough. For some vacationers, being…

Why Companies Need Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence for Businesses header image

Businesses have begun using cyber threat intelligence tools to find sources of breaches and reduce vulnerabilities before any damage is done. While firewalls and encryption technology provide some security against common types of malware, companies need intel on emerging actors’…