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10 Ways the Internet Improves Lives

Technology offers numerous benefits that improve people’s daily lives, including cost savings, convenient automation and enhanced security. The new era of Internet of Things, or IoT, devices and intuitive technology has given everyone opportunities to live the good life, where they are more connected and comfortable in their homes than ever before.

Transforming any house into a smart home might require an investment in fast internet and the right devices, but everyone benefits from the features of modern electronics. Here are 10 of the top benefits:

1. Energy Savings

A reliable internet connection and a home automation system to control heating, cooling and lighting can provide energy savings year-round. A smart thermostat capable of learning daily routines adjusts to the occupants’ preferences and the resident can monitor the temperature remotely via the internet. IoT-enabled lighting systems calibrate bulb brightness based on the natural light available and time of day to reduce wasted energy, and these fixtures can be accessed from a smartphone and powered on or off for savings or improved safety.

2. Task Assistance

Voice-activated devices, such as smart speakers, can be integrated with other IoT devices to control lights, thermostats or appliances using spoken commands. This allows residents to complete tasks, like playing music or queuing a robotic vacuum, with minimal effort. While these smart fixtures might seem futuristic, they are also practical for anyone with disabilities who cannot reach light switches or turn a door lock. Internet-enabled machines can also communicate status updates and reminders to residents.

3. Enhanced Home Security

The internet affords residents the convenience of real-time home security monitoring. With integrated internet-enabled features, such as remote door locks and motion sensors and alerts, anyone can enjoy peace of mind while away from home. Plus, the convenience options of remote viewing and controlling the system from an in-home panel offer peace of mind that loved ones or valuables are safe.

4. Health and Wellness Benefits

Digital health technology makes monitoring wellness easy and convenient. When an adequate internet connection is available, IoT devices, including wearable fitness trackers, Bluetooth scales and workout machines, can share information seamlessly. Apps and trackers sync to a central location so anyone can monitor their progress, heart rate, weight loss and other metrics with ease.

Health and fitness streaming capabilities offer money-saving opportunities as well. Tablets, computers and smartphones can easily connect patients to physicians or mental health professionals for virtual appointments that are less expensive or safer than an in-office visit. These same devices can seamlessly stream workout videos that cost less than joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.

5. Better Access to Resources

Individuals can learn about social services and apply for programs and assistance over the internet without printing documents or mailing personal information. Not only is it faster and easier to discover assistance programs online, but the waiting periods are often shortened when forms are completed digitally. The improvements that energy assistance, food and nutrition benefits and similar programs can extend to anyone in need are worth the investment in basic technology and a good internet connection.

6. Opportunities for Hobbies

Streaming platforms provide tutorials, information and inspiration for anyone exploring a new passion. The internet connects hobbyists from all over to share similar interests, giving participants a stronger sense of community. Virtual reality devices and gaming systems are popular hobbies for kids and teens, but even adults appreciate the entertainment options that online games, trivia and puzzles offer. Anyone trying a new hobby can find online tutorials and how-tos to make getting the hang of crafting, playing an instrument or any new skill easier.

7. Strengthening Social Ties

Emails, video calls and social media platforms are all ways that an internet connection can keep friends and families connected. Rather than worrying about long-distance phone charges from a landline, a resident can opt for a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) plan to contact loved ones using an internet signal rather than a standard phone network. Dating apps and forums also enable connections between people in local communities or across the globe.

8. Better Work-Life Balance

Thanks to the internet and tech tools, many professionals can work from home, improving their work-life balance for the better. With a reliable, fast internet connection and VPN (virtual private network) setup, boosting work-from-home production is a cinch. When the internet connection is fast enough, VoIP calls, downloads and file sharing can be completed even when other household members are streaming shows or working.

9. Simplified Information Storage and Sharing

Stress-free information access and document storage are two of the biggest benefits of cloud technology. Consumers can use the cloud, a network of computer servers, to share and receive data from anywhere. They no longer must be at home to view personal documents nor do they need to return to the office to access a file. All one needs is the login information and an internet connection. Shared documents allow coworkers to collaborate in real-time.

This virtual storage improves security as well. Family photos, personal documents and work-related items are backed up off-site so they can be accessed even if physical copies are destroyed or a computer or smartphone is lost or stolen. Cloud storage is a cost-effective solution because there is no expensive hardware to purchase and maintenance is negligible.

10. Convenient Shopping

Purchasing food and other household goods once required a trip to the store, but today the internet has made locating and buying nearly any item almost instantaneous. Apps connect to grocery delivery services, allowing a homeowner to browse the aisles from the sofa. IoT devices like refrigerators can manage a grocery list and send it to any phone. Camera-enabled applications allow residents to visualize furniture in the home or virtually try on eyeglasses before committing to the purchase.

How Technology Will Change Lives in the Future

Just as smartphones changed lives by putting the internet at everyone’s fingertips, technology will continue to evolve. Advances in artificial intelligence mean that lighting, HVAC systems and entertainment will be more predictive than ever and turning a house into a smart home will be a foregone conclusion for most homeowners.

The Benefits of Fast Internet at Home

It is nearly impossible to benefit from the advantages of technology without an adequate internet connection. Households can calculate the right internet speeds for their usage and enjoy uninterrupted online research, cloud access, streaming and gaming. Premium Wi-Fi add-ons can boost and extend wireless signals throughout a home so every internet-enabled device can stay connected.

Upgraded internet service gives any household the boost it needs to take advantage of the latest technology. With high-speed internet, home automation seamlessly improves security and comfort for all. Contact today to find out how to make the switch.