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6 Tech Gifts That Will Wow Dad This Father’s Day

For the dad who has it all, it can be a challenge to thank him with just one gift on just one day a year. This Father’s Day loved ones can raise the bar with functional tech gifts that are sure to leave dad speechless and have him tinkering for hours:

  1. Tile Combo

Dad can stop the morning “phone, wallet, keys” search ritual with Tile. This nifty little lifesaver will help locate those important “misplaced” items, which in turn will stop a lot of frustrating interrogations on where those pesky keys went each morning. Dad can pop a Tile on a smartphone or other valuables, open the Tile app and prompt a ring from the item if it’s nearby, or check the map for the item’s last known location.


  1. Waterproof Portable Speaker

Grilling and boating season is here! While Dad fires up the grill, these top waterproof portable speakers will keep him entertained with a steady flow of his favorite music. Plus, he can pack up the cooler and hit the lake without fear of a few splashes ruining the party.


  1. Deep Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage this year. With a focus on reducing those fatty oils, air fryers need a fraction of the oil that traditional fryers do, leaving consumers with tasty, fried food with nearly 80 percent less calories. Not that Dad needs to watch his weight, but it certainly is worth shaking up his culinary routine!


  1. Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

Dad can rediscover the timeless vinyl experience with this gift’s simple controls and stable Bluetooth®connectivity. With the Sony PS-LX310BT record player, Dad can enjoy clear, natural sound, whether he’s reliving his favorite LP or sharing a stunning reissue with the family.


  1. Sixth Generation Apple iPad

Buying an iPad no longer requires emptying a savings account. Apple’s sixth generation model offers the device’s signature functionality without a lofty price tag. After Dad unwraps his new toy, loved ones can show him these four hidden gems of the sixth generation iPad so he can become a master. Soon, he’ll be the one showing the family the latest memes!


One day a year is not nearly enough for loved ones to show Dad what he means to them. While there’s no price tag that can be put on love and appreciation, the options above are a great way to make this Father’s Day the best yet. More interested in a new phone or other wireless gadgets? Visit for Wireless plans, devices and more.