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Continuing Its Rise, TV Streaming Hits a Major Milestone

An August report from marketing-research firm Nielsen confirms what has long been becoming apparent: Streaming television content is now the norm in the United States. More than half of American adults — 56 percent — now watch web-based TV content, the report says. The percentage is up from 48 percent in 2018 and 40 percent in 2017, exhibiting steady growth in the number of people classified as streamers.

The attraction to streaming content is clear. With around 85 percent of U.S. adults owning a smartphone as of 2018 and with more media services and networks making their content available via the web — all while new technology allows televisions to access the internet, too — users can catch their favorite programs pretty much anywhere they have an internet connection. And with cloud-recording capabilities, they can do so pretty much anytime they choose.

Consider these additional streaming-related statistics:

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