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FTC’s Manning Store Gets a Range of Exciting Upgrades—With a Focus on Improving the Customer Experience

When customers visit the Manning FTC store at 2389 Paxville Highway, they are going to notice some new and exciting differences. In an effort to give the customer retail experience a more modern, techy look and feel — and to improve customers’ ability to see and demo a range of FTC’s core products and services — the location recently underwent a long list of renovations and upgrades, with most of the work completed in mid-September.

Construction Gallery

Post-Construction Gallery

Thanks to the handiwork of a few local area contractors, a number of FTC employees from various departments, Studio Displays out of Charlotte, NC, along with the input of an internal FTC team created specifically to help guide the project’s design and execution, the store has seen the following facility upgrades:

  • New paint and color scheme for the entire store
  • New carpeting
  • Upgraded workstations
  • New payment counter designed to allow additional space in the retail area 
  • Upgraded customer seating
  • Improved product-display units for Internet, Wireless (both phones and tablets), Security, and Digital TV
  • Improvements to the storage cabinets and counter space behind the payment counter
  • Additional display units for wireless phone accessories
  • Landscaping modifications outside the facility

“It has been an amazing experience to watch the transformation take place,” said Stacy Tanner, Customer Service Supervisor at the Manning FTC store. “Anyone who walks in our door now will know right away exactly what we sell. We went from having a ‘bank’ feel to a space that’s more fitting for a cutting-edge, modern technology company.”

FTC customers visiting the newly renovated Manning store will notice a greatly improved ability to explore and demo FTC’s core products. The upgraded store space will also offer customers a better selection of products, with an added inventory of wireless phone accessories to choose from, along with a new display unit for iPads.

“The renovation allows our customers to demo all the products and services we sell,” Tanner said. “Not only are we selling them a product in a brochure, we can now walk over and let them experience the products for themselves firsthand.”

So far, the changes have certainly been a hit with customers.

“We have enjoyed watching the customers’ reactions and their excitement as they walk in the door,” Tanner said. “As one customer put it, ‘It’s like going from dial-up internet to fiber.’”

Want to check out the newly upgraded FTC store in Manning for yourself? Drop by 2389 Paxville Highway to see all the renovations in person, and to explore FTC’s range of product and service offerings with hands-on demos. The store is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.