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LookBack TV Features, VOD and How To Use Them

TV service with functions that allow viewers to pause, restart or rewind live programming offers users more control over their viewing experiences. Historically, watching live TV was the only way someone could catch news coverage or the latest episode of a favorite show. The VCR alleviated some of this inconvenience and eventually, the DVR made post-event watching and rewatching the norm. Now, FTC’s TV services make TV time even more flexible. Viewers need not schedule recordings for every program they want to see nor will they miss big moments in sports or shows due to interruptions.

FTC TV customers who know how to use the LookBack features enjoy how easy it is to restart programming or go back to those shows they missed. Below is a description of its functionality.

About LookBack Features

The digital cable FTC provides is IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV offers higher picture quality and convenient playback features. Each time a viewer changes to a new channel, this delivery system stores a temporary recording of the content. This recording can then be manipulated using LookBack TV features that pause, rewind and replay televised programming.

The user can pause programs to answer phone calls or grab snacks and resume or back up TV shows afterward. This functionality makes FTC digital cable an excellent option for sports fans and sitcom lovers who do not want to miss a big play or a punchline.

Using LookBack To Control Live TV

As long as a household is subscribed to FTC TV, the LookBack TV features will be set up and ready to use. The set-top box stores live TV in its memory, allowing anyone to pause, rewind and resume shows by selecting the corresponding command on the screen. Pressing the “Restart TV” command will replay a program from the beginning even if the person tuned into the channel after the start of the show. The “Watch Live TV” command brings the viewer back to the live broadcast instantly.

Viewing Shows and Movies On Demand

Video on Demand, or VOD, is another offering that helps users catch up on shows or movies. VOD includes a large library of content that does not require scheduling to watch. Viewers can browse recently aired and classic shows and movies, kids’ television and local programming, and simply click “play” to watch. VOD users may pause and rewind TV shows and movies in this library similar to using these functions while viewing content on the DVR and live television.

The TV plans from FTC include the latest playback features and VOD and offer an excellent channel lineup. And with the Connections Discount, homeowners can bundle services and save.