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New Area Code for Customers Within 803 Region

The state Public Service Commission wants to remind residential and business customers served by the 803 area code that the new 839 area code will soon be added as an overlay to the region to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers. An overlay is the addition of another area code (839) to the same geographic region served by an existing area code (803).

The Commission ordered an area code overlay for the 803 Area Code on July 26, 2018. An overlay does not require customers to change their existing area code.

Beginning May 26, 2020, new telephone lines or services can be assigned numbers using the new 839 area code.

The most important facts for consumers to know about the upcoming 803/839 area code overlay are:

  • Those who seek new phone service after May 26, 2020, could be assigned a number with the 839 area code.
  • Current telephone numbers, including current area codes, will not change.

Customers should ensure all services, automatic dialing equipment, applications, software or other types of equipment recognize the new 839 area code. Examples include life-safety systems, alarm and security systems and fax machines. Customers are also encouraged to check business stationery, advertising materials and personal checks.

More information is available by going to the PSC website at, the FTC website at or by calling FTC at 888-218-5050.