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The Smart(er) Home: Life-Enhancing Tech Devices for Every Room

Most modern consumers have grown familiar with the term “smart home” and they understand that today’s homes are growing more and more technologically advanced (and even internet-connected) by the day. In fact, as homes fill up with tech tools that can make homeowners’ lives easier, safer, more enjoyable or generally better in one way or another, these life-enhancing devices have begun to make appearances in nearly every room of the house.

Consider these cutting-edge devices that can improve the lives of their tech-savvy owners, from the front door to the back door and from the top floor to the basement:

  • Living room: For those who love a clean living area but cringe a little about having to break out the vacuum, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be a true game-changer. These devices, which are typically disc-shaped, roam the home’s floors under their own power and often use some combination of spinning brushes and suction. Some even offer mopping and sterilization features. Popular and well-reviewed brands include iRobot, Eufy and ECOVACS, but a wide range of models and features are available, so consumers will want to do their research before purchasing one.
  • Dining room: Nothing sets the perfect mealtime mood quite like some choice music, and with today’s smart speakers and a subscription to the right streaming music service, the works of some of music’s all-time greats can be just a “Hey Alexa,” “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” voice request away. Some of the top smart speakers on the market today include the Amazon Echo line, the Google Nest line, the Sonos line and the Apple HomePod offerings.
  • Kitchen: In the kitchen, an array of smart appliances are making meal preparation easier for the connected cook. A few leading examples include the AmazonBasics Microwave, which responds to voice commands (when accompanied by an Amazon Alexa device) and is similar in price to a typical microwave; the Instant Pot Smart WiFi, which speeds cooking times via pressure cooking and can be controlled with a smart device; and the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, which allows for appliance control and notifications via an associated smartphone app.
  • Bedroom: The days of being startled out of bed by a loudly buzzing alarm clock can be over for consumers who get their hands on the Amazon Echo Show 5, which not only allows users to choose the alarm or music they will wake to, but can also precede the alarm with a gradually brightening screen. The versatile device also enables video calls, voice control of connected smart devices, weather forecast checks and more. Additionally, this device doesn’t have to be limited to the nightstand, as it offers step-by-step recipe presentations in the kitchen, television and movie viewing anywhere and more.
  • Bathroom: The smart technology has even made its way into the bathroom with the Kohler Moxie showerhead/speaker, which takes singing in the shower to new levels by providing the functions of a typical showerhead and adding a wireless speaker that can either pair with a smartphone (via Bluetooth) or connect to the home’s Wi-Fi for hands-free activation, control and music selection.
  • Study/home office: When it is time to kick back and take in a good read, getting the lighting just right can go a long way toward facilitating reader enjoyment. And with a smart light bulb such as the ones in the Philips Hue line of smart lights, users can choose light brightness and colors, control lighting via Bluetooth, app and/or voice command, and often even save money on energy costs.
  • Laundry room: With a smart washer and dryer, consumers can take their clothes cleaning and drying to new levels with internet-connected appliances that offer advantages like smartphone notifications when a load is complete, problem diagnosis via an associated app, remote control and adjustment of cycles and settings via a smartphone or voice command and more. Some of the top models available today include options from LG, Samsung, GE and Whirlpool.
  • Back deck: When homeowners incorporate a mesh Wi-Fi system at their residence, it helps ensure that strong internet coverage can be established throughout the home, often even extending into adjacent outdoor areas such as the back deck. FTC’s Premium Wi-Fi achieves reliable, powerful home network coverage by centrally locating a Wi-Fi gateway in the home, then deploying additional mesh access points in strategic locations to extend the signal to all areas of the home, all with maximum throughput for the internet plan.

Is your home getting “smarter” each year, with a growing collection of new, internet-connected devices that collectively require more bandwidth than the home used to need? It might be time to consider upgrading your home’s internet experience.

Learn more about our internet offerings at, then call 888-218-5050 to upgrade your connection today! And for help determining what kind of internet speeds your connected home needs, check out our handy and easy-to-use internet speed calculator.