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Top 10 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix Right Now

Netflix gives viewers so much to choose from when they finish all seasons of their favorite shows. But which ones to choose? Fans could try a site such as, which will pick shows at random. Or check out these popular choices.

“The Witcher”

Fans who are into “Game of Thrones” but might like “Lord of the Rings” a touch more will love this show. It’s got major riveting fight scenes, but not such a dour storyline and mood. Geralt (Henry Cavill) stirs the imagination. He’s one of three compelling main characters who knows how to swing a sword. It’s science fiction and fantasy but with a bit of realistic character building that becomes endearing. Increasing quality and excitement make “Witcher” a true binging threat.

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“Parks and Recreation”

For “The Office” types, it might feel like cheating on that signature show. Sure, “Parks” has some similar elements and the same brand of wacky humor, but it stands on its own, too. (Well, it is from the same creators, after all.) Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) leads a loveable cast of characters who will feel like family in no time. Sincere and hilarious, “Parks” will fly by season by season for fans who fall in love with the characters.

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“The Haunting of Hill House”

It’s an actual horror series, but the tension is riveting in its own right as a family deals with the tragic death of their mother. The kicker is the house where she died is also haunted. Hugh Crain (Henry Thomas) rises through the trauma, but it carries on into adulthood. The combination of a thrilling, developing plot and a few jump scares will keep viewers on the edge of their seats for this series.

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“Stranger Things”

Those who haven’t been watching it should know that four out of their five best friends have been. Creepy and thrilling throughout, “Stranger Things” is worth the hype. Psychologically, it is a thrilling trip that will toss and turn its fans. But that is what thriller aficionados want in a Netflix thriller, right? In October 2019, Netflix said “Stranger Things” was its most watched show ever. It’s easy to get hooked on this Spielberg-esque, 80s-themed creepfest.

“Stranger Things” is about kids – but is it for kids?


“Formula One: Drive to Survive”

Catch this behind-the-scenes drama of last season’s title chase in this docuseries. In the world’s most prestigious racing association, there are more twists and turns off the track than on. F1 fans will love the access and honesty. Racing enthusiasts (and even non-enthusiasts) risk addiction to this fabled racing series. The cinematography is shocking. The personal accounts from the season is enthralling.

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“Alias Grace”

There’s one season available of this original drama and it is worth it. It’s based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name. It is a tale of Alias Grace (Sarah Gadon), a poor Irish immigrant working as a domestic servant in Upper Canada. This Canadian show provides sharp social commentary inspired by true events. Gadon is brilliant in the lead. And although Alias differs from Atwood’s first film foray, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” it is every bit as impactful.

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We’re going all the way to Brazil for this one. There’s a grittiness to this Elysium-like dystopian drama. It’s a world divided between the 3%, the wealth (The Offshore), and the rest, poverty (The Inland.) Elements will harken back to “The Hunger Games.” Each year, 20-year-olds get their chance to move to paradise, if they can pass the tests. 3%’s characters will draw new fans in. The unpredictable plot twists will have viewers gliding from one episode to the next.

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“The Last Czars”

It is a documentary on the fall of the Russian Romanov Dynasty in the early 20th century. It depicts the role Czar Nicholas II in the face of social upheaval and in creating a revolution. One season and six episodes in scope, Czars brings to life a swatch of history. It does so with fascinating narrative, interspersed with commentary from historians. Still it’s delivered with a splendor unfitting the delivery of a drab history book. Its History Channel meets HBO.

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“The Crown”

We can resist nothing about Queen Elizabeth. Just-released season 3 delves into the third decade of the polarizing royal’s life. Could upcoming episodes dethrone Elizabeth as the most compelling character in her story? Fans will have to watch to learn. And that magnetism is why everyone has watched “Crown.” From Clair Foy’s magnificence as queen to the royal Corgis, the production is impressive.

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“Dead to Me”

Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) become unlikely friends in this dramedy. With abundant storylines and cutting dialog, “Dead” perpetuates this dysfunctional journey. Jen seeks to avenge her husband’s death while Judy tries to learn to breathe. It is funny and emotional and will tug at your heartstrings and thump your funny bone over and over. Add to that plentiful plot twists, and it’s a marathon in the making.

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