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What can you do with a Gig?

Used to connect consumers’ smartphones, tablets and computers — as well as televisions, video doorbells, air-conditioning systems, door locks and lots more — to the digital world, the internet has become a near-ubiquitous part of modern life. And while many Americans have heard of Gig internet, which is among the fastest connection speeds offered nationwide, only a select few have ever actually experienced the amazing benefits it can bring.

With gigabit internet connected to a home, users can simultaneously stream movies, upload and download large files, play online games, and participate in video calls on multiple devices at high definition without buffering. For most homes, that means users can go online without ever experiencing slowdowns or loss of quality, no matter how many users are active. No longer will work video conferences be interrupted by a large game download and movie streaming upstairs.

How Fast Is a Gig?

A gigabit internet connection is equal to 1,000 megabits per second or about 8.4 times the nationwide in-home average. Gig internet utilizes fiber-optic cable to improve users’ connections and drastically enhance their internet experience. By its nature, a fiber connection allows for the same upload speed as download, which is unheard of in other forms of internet service. Enhanced speeds mean faster media access.

Here are a few examples of how quickly gigabit internet users can download common files:

File type      File size Download time
4-minute song  4 MB 0.03 seconds
5-minute video 30 MB 0.2 seconds
9-hour audiobook 110 MB 0.9 seconds
45-minute TV show  200 MB  1.7 seconds
2-hour movie 1-1.5 GB 8 seconds

Why Is Gigabit Internet Better Than Cable?

With the added bandwidth gigabit internet offers, users will not experience buffering on their streaming devices, even when multiple users are connected on multiple devices. Cable download and upload speeds are much slower than a gig, which means users are more likely to experience buffering and reduced video quality when many devices are in use.

1 gig internet also offers:

  • Added reliability: Gig internet is delivered over fiber, which consist of long, thin strands of glass. Unless physically cut, fiber remains the most reliable form of communications connection today.
  • Lower latency: With gig internet’s faster page-load times, consumers spend less time waiting between when they click on something onscreen and when the linked information, image, video or other media type appears. This translates to a much smoother user experience, whether the activity of choice is streaming movies, playing online video games, listening to online music or simply surfing the web.
  • Enhanced entertainment: With 1 gig internet’s added bandwidth, internet users enjoy enhanced digital quality.
  • Increased user and device capacity: Multiple users and devices can be connected to the internet simultaneously.
  • Symmetrical service: 1 gig internet offers symmetric upload and download speeds. This means files are uploaded and downloaded at the same speed, which provides an impressive performance when live streaming, videoconferencing, and gaming.

Is 1 Gig Internet Fast Enough?

Gig internet is fast enough for simultaneously gaming, streaming Netflix and other services, making video calls, and downloading large files. Few users will find that 1 gig internet is not fast enough for their needs, even with security cameras, refrigerators and doorbells connected to the same service.

Is 1 Gig Internet Good?

Gig internet far exceeds download and upload speeds available to most of the United States  and the rest of the developed world, making it the best option available for many households. Some Internet Service Providers are rolling out 2 gigabit service to residential addresses, which means that 1 gigabit is no longer the fastest internet available to homes, but it still far exceeds the needs of families with even the highest data demands.

Ready to get the gig in your home or office? Explore our Gigabit internet plan, call 888-218-5050, or stop by one of FTC’s local stores to find out if you are currently on the fiber network and if the 1 gig service is an option for you!