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A Guide to Notify Plus, Conferencing and Answering Services for Businesses

Businesses can improve and streamline communications by adding Notify Plus—conference calling and answering services—to their phone packages. Every company is looking for ways to be more efficient, yet many overlook opportunities to improve legacy systems like business phone service. Adding functions for answering calls, facilitating audio conferencing or automating messages can help any company accomplish more without adding people to the payroll.

Business owners who are ready to upgrade their operations should read on to learn more about FTC’s phone solutions.

Notify Plus Messaging Service

Sending bulk notifications to employees or customers is more efficient than sending individual messages. Business messaging services can save busy company managers time. Notify Plus is a messaging platform that can help company owners organize and schedule mass texts, calls and emails.

Notify Plus is handy when emergencies affect business hours or when there are upcoming staff meetings. A business owner can also use Notify Plus as a customer-facing business messaging service. The platform sends professional automated messages to email inboxes or mobile devices. It can also streamline customers’ appointment reminders or sale announcements.

The platform for Notify Plus makes setup easy and all a business needs is internet access to get started. With mobile and desktop applications, Notify Plus enables multiple users to compose and schedule messages and the interface keeps communications organized.

Conference Calling Systems

An audio conferencing center facilitates meetings for a business by allowing participants to dial into a central number to connect. With this technology, the meeting organizer does not need to call each participant. Although many companies use video meetings, telephone conferences are still useful. Conference calls reduce the hassle of unpredictable video equipment, ensuring meetings start on time and run without unnecessary distractions.

A dedicated conference calling system makes arranging group conversations quick and convenient and offers another way for employees to collaborate. Hosting teleconferencing meetings also allows stakeholders from several facilities to gather without traveling. Remote employees can also collaborate without reporting to the office.

To set up an audio conferencing center for a business, the administrator only needs to call FTC and have Conference Calls added to the phone service. The online portal offers easy management of the audio conferencing center tools and business contacts. Administrators can control meeting invites, add or remove participants, mute callers and record calls with a few clicks.

Answering Services

Companies that do not have the resources to dedicate to call reception duties should consider adding an answering service to their phone plans. When customers do not reach their contacts, the leads could go elsewhere. An answering service can make sure business calls do not go unanswered.

The best answering services for businesses are those that use people as virtual receptionists rather than phone trees or auto-attendants because computer-generated interactions are less personable. Using an answering service with a human touch makes a better first impression on new clients and maintains the personal service that existing customers expect.

Although it might seem like computer-generated assistants would be easier to set up, recording greetings and designating call routing rules can be cumbersome. A business can set up an answering service through its telephone provider by adding the feature to the company’s voice plan. When personnel are busy, the phones can be set to forward to the answering service staff. The operators then answer calls and route messages to the appropriate personnel for follow-up. The value of a business answering service with a human greeting is well worth the cost. On average, the base price for answering services starts around $25 per month and calls run between 75 cents to $1.25 per minute, depending on the package.

Even excellent business voice solutions can be improved with the right upgrades. Our phone services offer convenience at a cost any company will appreciate. With solutions from FTC, businesses can get more done with a staff of any size.

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