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Premium Wi-Fi Plus

Premium Wi-Fi Plus

You want security and organization. We make it easy.

With the Premium Wi-Fi suite of features including Secure IT, FileHopper, Password Genie and Device and PC Tune-up you can secure, share and backup your files, manage your passwords and receive technical support 24/7 for up to 4 devices.


Premium Wi-Fi Plus Features

SecureIT is antivirus and Internet security software that protects your computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. With SecureIT, you get industry-leading, essential protection plus the convenience of hands-free updates to the software. SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats.

Password Genie password manager, data protection and password security software is your digital wallet. Named by Mashable and Information Week as a top-10 password manager, it helps protect against identity and password theft. Password Genie is convenient to use and keeps your digital identity safe.

FileHopper online backup is the easiest way for you to securely store your files. It only takes one incident of a hard-drive crash or deletion of valuable files to see its value. With FileHopper, your files are backed up with 256-bit encryption, so you know you are safe.

Device Support and PC Tune-up provides 27/7 technical support for up to 4 devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.