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Welcome to Freedom

Imagine the freedom of a new wireless device without a contract or up-front equipment charges. That’s the FTC Freedom Plan.

Pick your favorite wireless device and only pay the sales tax. FTC will divide the cost of your device into 24 low monthly installments.

With FTC Freedom, you also have the choice of upgrading to a brand-new device after 18 monthly installments.*

*Current device must be in good physical and fully functional condition. 

Benefits of Freedom

  • No contract required
  • No activation, upgrade or finance fees
  • Eligible for upgrade after 18 months
  • Device is eligible for FTC Mobile Maintenance

Freedom Eligibility

  • Can be added with any new activation2
  • Can be added with an upgrade3
  • Must be in good credit standing with FTC
  • Limit as low as four devices at $0 down
  1. Existing device must be traded in at time of upgrade. New installment amount will be dependent upon non-contract cost of new device. Device must be in good physical and working condition.
  2. Eligibility based on credit check.
  3. Must have fulfilled 34 months of an existing three-year contract, 22 months of existing two-year contract or 11 months of existing one-year contract.​


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Opt Out

You may opt out of the Freedom Plan at any time. The remainder of the installments must be paid in full at time of cancellation.

Restrictions & Requirements 

  • Continuous wireless service is required. Termination of service due to disconnect will result in full payment of device.
  • Prepaid customers are not eligible.
  • Used or discounted devices are not eligible.
  • Equipment discounts are not allowed on Freedom.
  • 30-day Return: You may return device within 30 days of purchase. Device must be in perfect working condition with no physical or liquid damage.
  • One device per mobile number.