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Mexico & Canada

Every FTC Unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data in and between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada at no extra cost.

Choose from a selection of packages for making and receiving calls in Canada and Mexico.

Monthly Price Included Minutes Per-minute Overage
$30 80 ($0.38/min) $0.50
$60 200 ($0.30/min) $0.50
$120 500 ($0.24/min) $0.50

Without the package, the pay-per-use rate in Canada and Mexico is $1.00/min.

Pay-Per-Use Rates

Know the rates before you go


$1/minute in Canada and Mexico

$2/minute in Europe

$3/minute in the rest of the world, cruise ships, and airlines


Send texts for $0.50/message

Send pictures and videos for $1.30/message

Standard domestic messaging rates apply to text. picture, and video


Connect on land, cruise ships and AeroMobile® (select enabled international flights) for $2.05/MB ($0.002/KB)

Connect on airlines for $10.24/MB ($0.01/KB)

Data usage is calculated in full kilobyte increments and rounded up to the next full kilobyte increment.

FTC Cruise Packages

Pay-per-use rates apply if you don’t purchase an FTC Cruise package when your package expires, or if your ship is not included.

FTC Cruise Plus


One-time charge for 30 days

Package Includes:

  • Talk: Unlimited
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Data: 1GB, overage $10 for 100MB

FTC Cruise Basic


One-time charge for 30 days

Package Includes:

  • Talk: 100 min, overage $1.00/min
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Data: 100MB, overage $10 for 100MB

How FTC Cruise works

At sea

Your FTC Cruise package will activate 9 to 11 nautical miles from shore. Once you’re at sea your device will display Cellular at Sea, wmsatsea, 901-18, or NOR-18 when you’re connected

At port and on land

Your FTC Cruise package only works at sea. You’ll want to add FTC international Day Pass to stay connected throughout your adventures at port and on land.

What to know before you go:

Get answers on everything you need to know about international calling, texting, and using data abroad.