Frequently Asked Questions: My Alarm is Going off, Now What?


This will vary based on your system’s communication format. Typically the signal is received in less than a minute.

Once a signal is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station it is verified to the premises, if appropriate verification is not received, the police or fire are dispatched and the customer’s contact list is called. In the event of a Panic Alarm or Duress Alarm we dispatch the police department first then call the customer’s contact list.

We do leave messages on the customer’s contact list, but we do not leave messages at the premises number for anything other than trouble alarms.

Typically, the monitoring station will call the premises before there is opportunity for someone to make an outgoing call. However, you may call the monitoring station toll free at 800-438-4171 and request that the alarm be canceled.

Some jurisdictions do require a key holder respond when they are dispatched. It is not always possible for the police to give the monitoring station a resolution. Actual response by a key holder is best.

In some cases a dialer delay may be active on your system. If this is the case you may have turned your system off before the signal was transmitted. Another reason may be an interruption in your phone service which prevented the signal from being transmitted. The signal history can be checked in the monitoring software to see if the signal was received.

For Honeywell systems only, enter your four-digit User Code twice. The first time will silence the alarm and the second time will reset the system. For Napco systems only, enter your four-digit User Code once and press “Reset.”

The siren is programmed to stop after 12 minutes or at whatever time the installer has set. During Fire Alarms the siren does not silence until the panel is reset. Once the siren does silence the system is still armed and able to activate if another event happens.

The normal programming is set for the siren to stop after 12-15 minutes for Intrusion Alarms. The siren typically will not stop for Fire Alarms until the system is reset. This feature can be programmed by the installer.

Yes. Total Connect Remote Services allow you to control your security system, lights, locks and thermostats, and receive important alerts and system statuses in real-time on your smartphone or other Internet connected device.

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