Why did you choose FTC Wireless? (1)

We tried a couple of the other companies early on in the rural area where we live. We just didn't have good service. The service was so spotty it just wasn't really useful, so we tried FTC next and we had great coverage in the area we needed it.

— Whit Player, Lee County

Why is FTC different from other providers?

I would consider the Farmers Telephone employees that I know to be good people that are very knowledgable in their line of work and very eager to help.

— Whit Player, Lee County

Why would you recommend FTC? (1)

They're local people and they care about the people that they service.

— Richie McCutcheon, Lake City

What's the best part of using FTC for your business?

I can't say enough about the quality coverage I get with my cell service, and thats the service I just can't do without.

— Richie McCutcheon, Lake City

How do you feel about FTC's customer service?

I appreciate that personal service; they really care.

— Patricia McCutcheon, Scranton

Why would you recommend FTC?

FTC has been around a long time and it's encompassed in almost everything I do and every organization I serve. It's always there.

— Mitchell Williams Jr., Sumter

How does FTC keep you connected?

FTC has a wonderful array of all your smartphones. And if you don't know how to work it, they will teach you how to work it.

— Maria Morales, Sumter

Are you happy bundling all your services with FTC?

Our services have been great. We haven't had any issues at all. I think that it's been a great decision so far.

— Jennifer Nelson, Sumter

Are you happy with your FTC internet connection?

Now that we have internet with FTC we really haven't noticed any delays, drops or dips.

— Jennifer Nelson, Sumter

Why did you choose FTC Wireless?

When we're out doing 24-hour towing at all times of the night, we really need to have that service that we know we can depend on.

— Dante McCrea, Kingstree