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All About Home Video Surveillance

Deterring burglars is the primary reason residents choose home video surveillance, but that is not the only perk these systems offer. When residents can view a live video feed of their house and property from anywhere, keeping an eye on any activity indoors and out is effortless.

Anyone considering a video surveillance system should read on to learn how these cameras work and which add-ons can help create the best home security system for their family’s needs.

How Video Surveillance Works

Cameras installed around a home or property capture footage that is then stored in the cloud or on a removable memory card, depending on the system’s capabilities. The live video feed or recorded footage can be accessed remotely using a smartphone or internet-enabled device. Residents can switch to various cameras to check the front door, back door or yard, as long as there are cameras in place.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance for Households

Video surveillance systems for homes offer benefits to anyone, whether he or she works from the residence, travels frequently, lives alone or is part of a large family. The remote viewing and recording features give residents an improved sense of safety at home and increased peace of mind when away. The top seven benefits of video surveillance systems include:

1. Crime Prevention

While video surveillance cannot deter 100% of crime, thieves look for cameras outside of a home when choosing a target. Outdoor cameras are the third-most effective theft deterrent, behind observing police nearby and evidence of alarms. Indoor video surveillance can also discourage invited visitors, including couriers, repair people and house sitters, from vandalizing or stealing from the home.

2. Assisting Law Enforcement

Identifying a thief, vandal or trespasser after the incident is much easier when the home’s surveillance cameras catch the criminal in the act. These wireless surveillance cameras instantly transmit an eyewitness account of the event to help police identify the suspect.

3. Paying Reduced Insurance Rates

Installing surveillance cameras often results in a discounted homeowner’s insurance rate. Because cameras reduce the likelihood that the residence will be burglarized, insurers “thank” customers by offering a reduced rate.

4. Monitoring Pets and People Remotely

Many people who invest in indoor surveillance systems appreciate being able to quickly check in on whoever is home from anywhere. Monitoring pets while the household members are away at work or school is easy with remote viewing, and the cameras offer a discreet method for checking in on elderly family members, babysitters, house sitters or anyone in the home.

5. Assessing Property Damage

When storms blow through while a property owner is out of town, he or she can easily log in to the video surveillance system and assess the damage. This video preview gives residents enough information to know whether they need to phone their insurance company, change plans and return home or decide whether the issues can wait.

6. Creating a Smart Home

The best video surveillance systems are those that make people’s lives easier. With modern technology, a resident can use video surveillance systems for home automation applications to monitor and control devices from anywhere. Parents can view the front door and unlock it to let kids, relatives or couriers inside. Other devices, such as thermostats or lights, can be adjusted from a smartphone to improve security and the energy efficiency of the home.

7. Improving Productivity

Viewing activities around the house without physically walking to each location is a time saver for everyone. Those who want to boost work-from-home productivity can check the front door for a delivery or monitor the dog in the back yard without leaving the office. Elderly household members or those with mobility challenges can also use the cameras and automation systems to verify who is at the door and unlock it without making the visitor wait.

How To Choose a Video Surveillance System

Homeowners should keep their goals in mind before deciding which is the best home video surveillance system for their needs. If a homeowner is turning his or her house into a smart home, a wireless video surveillance system offers him or her the flexibility to mount cameras in prime locations without running cables to transmit the video feed. This is ideal for monitoring an entrance or garage and activating the doors remotely. A family looking for a video surveillance system for security should consider its compatibility with home monitoring services. When considering installing surveillance cameras, residents should understand the difference between this technology and security devices.

FTC offers video surveillance cameras and monitoring packages to keep any household secure. Upgrading to wireless cameras with remote viewing or adding services for senior family members helps everyone rest easy. Visit to see how intuitive security solutions protect family members, pets and property.