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FTTH advantages

Why choose Fiber to the Home? One word: Bandwidth. Current and developing technologies that people enjoy in their homes today require a lot of two-way data transfer. Examples include high-definition television, streaming video, online gaming, smart devices and video surveillance – all of which require increasing amounts of bandwidth. These bandwidth requirements also increase in direct correlation to the number of users enjoying the services. Data transfer can be compared to traffic on a busy highway. As the traffic increases, movement slows and bottlenecks occur. To alleviate the congestion, larger, more efficient highways are developed and implemented. Fiber to the Home represents this new, faster and more efficient data highway. Among the advantages of Fiber to the Home:

  • Faster connection speeds, downstream/upstream transmission and carrying capacity.
  • More bandwidth and flexibility than other options a similar price, making it more cost effective for current and developing applications.
  • Highest quality connection.
  • Fiber networks can connect to existing telephone lines and coax cable within the home.
  • Most fiber networks reside underground, providing maximum stability.
  • Can manage bandwidth requirements from current, developing and future technologies.
  • Increases neighborhood and home values.

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