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Honeywell 945

The Honeywell 945T is a mini surface mounted magnetic contact that has screw terminals. The 945T consists of two pieces, a magnetic contact, and a magnet, which are approximately the same size and shape. The 945T is 2 inches long, and 1/3 of an inch in width and height.

The 945T is ideal for protecting both doors and windows when used with any hardwired security system. The 945T is intended for use with Honeywell’s wired alarm control panels including the VISTA series. The contact portion of the 945T should be mounted to the door frame or window frame, and the magnet side should be mounted to the door or window, with no more than 1.125” gap between them. A magnetic contact contains a reed switch, which completes a circuit when the magnet remains close to the contact. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will move away from the contact, causing the circuit to break, and that zone on your alarm system to activate.

The Honeywell 945T can be mounted with screws, or included adhesive strips. The convenient screw terminals allow you to connect the wires from your security system without splicing or soldering.



  • Switch Type: Form A (SPST) Reed
  • Contact Rating: 100ma @ 28VDC