Maintenance Plan Coverage Summary

PROPERTY PROTECTED – Phone – Includes wireless device, standard battery, standard battery charger, SIM card and standard wired earpiece (not specialty earpiece such as Bluetooth®). Aircards and MiFi Devices – Includes wireless device, standard battery, standard battery charger, and SIM card. Tablets – Includes wireless device, standard battery charger, USB cable, and SIM card. FTC Wireless shall only be liable for the protected value of the device lost or damaged.

LIMITS AND INCIDENTS COVERED – FTC Wireless will cover device loss, theft, accidental damage, and mechanical or electrical malfunction not covered under manufacturer’s warranty or after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. (Manufacturer’s warranty is at FTC Wireless’ discretion) FTC Wireless will only be responsible for up to two claims in a one year period (based on calendar year). The third and subsequent claims will be subject to full cost replacement by the Protected.

MAINTENANCE FEE – Fee is based on tiered structure dependent upon device non contractual retail cost. Maintenance claim fee tiers are as follows $50, $125, $199, $249 and $349. Device tier may change without notice as device pricing fluctuates. Fee will be determined by current price of device at time of claim. Equipment discounts may not be applied to the maintenance claim fee.

ENROLLMENT/CANCELLATION – Enrollment in program must occur within 30 days of device purchase or device is ineligible for program. If enrollment does not occur on date of purchase, it may still be added within the initial 30 days if applicable criteria are met. Device must be present in FTC location for enrollment. Customer Provided Equipment (CPE) devices are not eligible for The Mobile Maintenance Program. Protected may cancel program at any time. Removal will void enrollment eligibility for specified device for the life of the device.

CLAIM POLICY AND RESTRICTIONS – In the event of a claim, the covered device must be verified by IMEI number on enrolled account at time of claim. It may be at the discretion of FTC Wireless to determine the replacement device. If covered device is no longer available the replacement will be of like kind and quality within the same tier of the covered device. If requested replacement falls within a different tier the Protected must pay the fee determined by the replacement device based on cost at time of claim. Fee will be collected at time of claim. FTC Wirelessreserves the right to deny claim if account status is past due.