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5 Security System Add-Ons That Protect Beyond the Break-In

When seeking to keep a family safe, preventing intruders is, of course, a top priority. And a security system offers an effective way to do just that. In fact, statistics show that burglars are three times less likely to target homes equipped with a security system than those without one.

But as nearly all residents are aware, the threats to a home can extend well beyond a break-in. Fortunately for those who have a compatible security system in place, adding a level of protection against a wide range of threats can be accomplished through a number of available add-ons. Below are five additions that are worth considering:

  1. Smoke detectors — Offering a step up from traditional smoke alarms, smoke detectors linked to a security system can go beyond alerting just those inside the home when a fire is present. To boost protection and awareness beyond the home’s outer walls, these devices can also provide alerts to residents even when they are away, all via smartphone notifications from the security system’s associated app.
  1. Carbon monoxide detectors — Because it is odorless, colorless and tasteless, carbon monoxide can present an especially dangerous risk when it is present in a home, largely because it can go undetected right up until it begins causing serious harm. But with a carbon monoxide detector installed in a home and linked to its security system, residents can be alerted to the presence of CO by both an audible alert inside the home and a push notification delivered to the resident’s smartphone via the security system’s app.
  1. Flood sensors — Whether it is placed near a sump pump in a home’s basement or in any other area of a home that might be prone to flooding, a flood sensor connected to a security system can provide early warning to residents when water begins to rise. Such early alerts can give residents valuable time to take steps to prevent flood damage, whether it is by getting backup power to a sump pump during a power outage, actively bailing water before it rises high enough to cause major damage or taking any other steps needed to prevent damage. And to deliver additional protections, many flood sensors can also detect and alert residents to extreme temperatures, allowing residents to take such steps as wrapping exposed pipes to prevent plumbing damage during a freeze.
  1. Video surveillance devices — While they can help prevent intrusion, video surveillance accessories such as video doorbells and cameras can also assist residents in keeping track of other valuable possessions, such as packages that a mail carrier might have left on the front porch. When integrated into a security system, such surveillance devices can send motion alerts to smartphones via the security system’s app. And video doorbells can even allow residents to see and speak to anyone who comes to their door, all via their smartphones — and from anywhere in the world with an internet or cellular connection.
  1. Personal alert and panic buttons — By wearing a panic pendant or having an emergency response system, loved ones can secure more freedoms to live an independent lifestyle when advanced age or medical conditions might otherwise present major lifestyle limitations. By putting emergency help just the touch of a button away, these devices can also lend peace of mind to family members who can take comfort in knowing that their loved one can quickly and easily summon medical help anytime it might be needed.

To protect your home and loved ones against intruders, along with a range of other threats including fires, flooding and carbon monoxide, visit today to discover all the safety-geared solutions FTC Security can offer to keep you, your family and your property free from harm.