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Ethernet/Network Internet Card

f you are not sure if your computer already has an Ethernet/Network Internet Card (NIC) installed, then follow these steps:

  • From your computer, click Start, then Control Panel.
  • Select the Network and Internet Connections icon.
  • Select the Network Connections icon.
  • Under the LAN or High-Speed Internet category, look for the name of the Ethernet card (Tip: words like Ethernet adapter, Ethernetlink, or LAN adapter may be contained in the card name).
  • If an Ethernet card is listed, then YES, your NIC or PC card is installed.

Additional ways to check if your computer already has a NIC:

  • Refer to the owner’s manual for your computer.
  • Contact your computer manufacturer.
  • Look for an Ethernet port on the back of your computer (it will look like a phone jack but a little bigger). The presence of an Ethernet port indicates that a NIC is already installed in your computer.