Scheduling future recordings

There are several ways to schedule a recording.

One option is to schedule the recording directly from the program guide. Just choose the program in the guide and press the Record button on your remote control. A red dot will indicate that the program has been scheduled to be recorded. Press the Record button a second time to record the entire series shown on that channel, at that time. Press the Record button a third time to cancel the recording.

You can also schedule a recording on the program info page. From the guide, or from a list of search results, press the Info button. Use your Arrow keys to select the option you want, either one episode or the series, and press OK. If you think the program may run longer than the scheduled end time, such as with a sporting event, press your Info button to go to the program info screen. Press Record Program or Episode. You can use your Arrow keys to step forward or backward through the available padding times. Press OK when you have selected the amount of time you would like to add. Then select Record and press OK.

You can also set a day and time to record a program from the recorded TV screen. Press the Recorded TV button and then navigate using the Arrow keys to Add Recording. Select Create a Manual Recording and press OK. You can then schedule a recording by entering the setting information manually using your remote control.

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