Using the LookBack/Restart feature

The IPTV TimeShift function (or LookBack) is available on select channels and allows you to control live TV, and rewind shows that are currently airing or have already aired.

TimeShift offers functions such as:

  • Restart TV – When pressing this button, the program will restart the live programming you are currently watching from the beginning.
  • Play/Resume – This will stop the Rewind or FastForward in progress and resume the program at the current location.
  • Rewind – The rewind function lets you rewind the program like a DVD.
  • Fast Forward – You can fast forward to skip certain parts or to catch back up to the live broadcast.
  • Watch Live TV – This will take you back to the live broadcast of the channel you were watching (Option appears when you press the Exit to TV button on remote).
  • Guide – Pressing this button brings up the interactive program guide. You can scroll through and select previous programs that have already aired to watch recordings of them.

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