Searching by title

Performing title searches is simple. Using your FTC TV search and navigation functions, you can quickly and easily find all your favorites.

  • Start by pressing the MENU button on your remote control, then find the tab for live TV
  • Use your down arrow button to select search and press OK
  • To search for a program by title, select Options at the bottom of the on-screen keyboard
  • Press OK, then select Titles on the drop-down menu
  • Use your arrow keys to navigate through the keyboard and OK to select a letter
  • To enter a number, highlight the 123 button on the screen and press OK
  • This replaces the alphabet with a number pad
  • Select the number with the arrow keys on your remote control and press OK to enter it
  • To switch back to the alphabetic keyboard, highlight ABC and press OK
  • As soon as you start your entry, the search begins and events are displayed.

The more information you enter, the more specific the search becomes. You can search on any word in the title and results are displayed in alphabetical order. For complete instructions on how to use the search functionality watch the video below.


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