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What Are Premium Wi-Fi Add-Ons?

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Wi-Fi add-ons are devices and programs that improve a home’s internet service with a far-reaching signal range, parental controls and enhanced security. Customers can mix and match Premium Wi-Fi features to choose the functions that best meet their needs. Connectivity…

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4 Great Smartphones for Teens

smartphones for teens

Choosing phones for teens who are ready for new responsibilities is not an easy task for parents, but diligent research can help make the decisions easier. Learning differences between mobile phone models lets caregivers find the right device for each…

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iPhone vs. Android

Ah, the never-ending battle of Apple vs. Android™. Both devices have dominated the smartphone industry and continually raise the bar with high-tech features that keep us customers on our toes. This makes choosing a smartphone a daunting task. To help you make the decision of whether you are going to wear the T-shirt of Team iPhone™ or Team Android, FTC has the breakdown of some defining features for each device. 

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