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How to Keep Children Safe Online

The best way for parents to keep their kids safe online is by combining website, app and usage restrictions with proper online-safety education. As more devices offer internet access and younger children become increasingly tech-savvy, staying vigilant about children’s online…

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How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?

In today’s modern homes and offices, the internet has become more than a luxury. We need fast connections throughout our daily lives for not only the online surfing and searches that first sparked our reliance on the internet, but also for things like streaming TV shows and music, keeping our homes and workplaces secure, and in some especially advanced settings, even for controlling the lights and air conditioning, locking the doors, answering the doorbell, and starting the coffee maker with our smartphones.

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What can you do with a Gig?

Used to connect consumers’ smartphones, tablets and computers — as well as televisions, video doorbells, air-conditioning systems, door locks and lots more — to the digital world, the internet has become a near-ubiquitous part of modern life. And while many…

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What Is Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is a broadband internet connection that uses fiber cables, which are more efficient than traditional communication wires, to relay data at increased speeds with reduced lag times. This modern technology allows for internet speeds of up to 1…

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