Frequently Asked Questions: Change or Cancel Internet Service


Computers and other devices on a network must share a finite capacity of resources, and that’s true for wired and wi-fi networks alike. However, the precise limits depend on multiple factors.

If you are under contract and you do not establish Internet service at the new location, early termination fees will apply.

To change your DNS records, click here to fill out the form.

If you received an FTC Wireless Router, you must return the entire Router Kit (router, ac adapter, CD and guide, telephone cable and ethernet cable) or you will be billed $125 for not returning the Router Kit. If you provided your own router, no.

You may terminate your account at any time and for any reason by contacting Customer Service at 888-218-5050. To terminate Web Hosting and/or Business Services, you must call 800-671-0670. Charges to your account will stop accruing the day FTC accepts your cancellation. Based on your billing cycle, charges accrued prior to your termination may apply after you receive a cancellation confirmation. If your account included space on FTC’s servers, anything stored on this space will be deleted upon termination. If you were under contract, early termination fees will apply.

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